Any fan of racing must have played one race game at least throughout their life. With the continuous rise of technology, sim racing has evolved to be more than “games”. Thus, the organization in charge of Germany racing, DMSB, has made the decision of proclaiming sim racing to be a legit motorsport discipline.

eSports and real sports’ gap is closing with each day passed. Platforms such as iRacing are able to give racing environment simulations that can be real means to hone drivers. Drivers in Formula Ones do practice on a simulator in spare time. That tech is on its way to families’ homes as we speak.

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An example of a rig for sim racing

Thus, in a DMSB press release, this organization admitted that there is not much difference between sim and real. Of course, there are still some quite important caveats. This is only applicable to professional sim racings, kinds of stuff that get sponsors and real payments. You cannot be a real car racer just because of you being good at car racing on your console or phone. This is not counting for the ones who jumped to big leagues from their consoles.

There have been plenty of folks crediting sim racing as what helps them out during real driving situations. The one to race a McLaren for season 2019, Lando Norris, credited esports as what helped him hone his skills for F1. Ford is currently using simulators to test their road cars and the ones entering the NASCAR out. Their program to train driver, which has sim racing, can help the average person to focus more on multitasking and everyday tasks. Both Formula One and Formula E have dedicated esports series and teams now.

Sim Racing Expo 2015 2 1024x576
The EXPO of Sim Racing in 2015

This announcement is coupled with the introduction of a new body to sanction eSports. They are planning to set a standard rule set which can be used in all situations in sim racing. With this, everyone will have to follow the same essential regulations.

This is a great step forward to sim racing legitimization on professional levels. In addition, it can compound the knowledge of racing enthusiasts and drivers have about sim racing improving their skills. This is the first acknowledgment from a governing body.