After its two reveal trailers that showcase both gameplay and aesthetic elements, players have been pretty excited. However, trailers are just trailers – prerendered clips that might not really display how the game would eventually be played. Luckily, the art director of the game has just revealed some more information about the method that players would use to traverse the open-world map.

Sucker Punch is famous for its work in the PlayStation exclusive series, InFamous. While they are used to make open-world games, the settings of 13th century Japan is still rather new. Based on the trailers, the old restrictions from the previous infamous games were likely removed – you can now freely explore the map as you see fit.

Swordfights would be a big part of every encounter

Another unique part of the game is that there would be no waypoints – which means there would be no named locations or towns marked across the map – you would have to investigate and discover details by your own effort.

About the gameplay, based on the trailer, it looks like this game would be stealth-based on a dash of Souls-like combat. Jin, the “Ghost of Tsushima” is capable of sneaking into a heavily defended base and performing assassinations, Assassin’s Creed style. Beside stealth, you can engage in close-quarter combat assisted with various tools like smoke bombs, stun projectiles and the bow. Overall, the blend of stealth and combat should be similar to Shadow of Mordor. Horse combat along with horse-related features would be prevalent in this game as well, as your opponents are the Mongols.

Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Game Awards 2 1280x720
The game world is beautifully designed

The game is going to be released exclusively on the PS4 on Summer of 2020. Interested in other PlayStation exclusive titles? Please check out this post for more information about Godfall, Gearbox's next title.