Surgeon Simulator 2 has caught us by surprise with its bizarre announcement trailer at The Game Awards 2019. It follows the journey of an object through a weird medical facility, which is later revealed as Bob's head. But don't worry, it will get much weirder in the actual game. You can watch the trailer of Surgeon Simulator 2 below.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is the sequel of the funny simulator game Surgeon Simulator. According to the developer, this game will be a step up from the first game and take everything to a new level. Surgery will still be the core of the game, but there will be more content in the game along with new co-op gameplay. The video description of the trailer also suggests that you will be able to play with up to 3 of your other friends.

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The trailer is not the weirdest thing about this game

There has been no in-game footage of the game yet. Apart from PC, we are also no sure about what other platforms will Surgeon Simulator 2 be launched on, but we can speculate that the game will be available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile as well.

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Do a surgery operation in space can be pretty fun

In the first game, Surgeon Simulator, you will be playing as Dr Nigel Burke to carry an operation on a patient named "Bob". You use your mouse to control your hands while other buttons to grab tools. You can take part in multiple different kinds of operations and many modes to make your operations more interesting and funny. For example, you have to do your job in space where there is no gravity or in an ambulance where things bounce up and down.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Game Awards Announcement Trail 3b45_wm
You will be able to play with up to 3 other players

Surgeon Simulator 2 will be available on Epic Games Store next year for PC.