The next wave of freebie for Epic Games Store is here. Bad North: Jotunn Edition is currently free on the Epic Game Store until next week.

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The graphics and aesthetics are simple but beautiful

This game is a tactical roguelike in which you have to defend your island kingdom in real-time against a Viking invader army. There are multiple islands, each with different layouts and designs. You have to build a base defense on them to hold the horde off while the peasant evacuates, based on the island’s layout. There are elements of strategy and puzzle, however, the hardest thing is that you have to do this in real-time.

This game is more or less a tower defense

Overall, the strategy aspect is rather simple. You can field from 1 to 4 units to hold off the waves and switch them up based on the various enemy types. Each enemy requires a different counter unit and you will have to learn how to do that by trial and error. Unit placement is also very important as well, with various choke points on the map. You have to learn to place your soldiers on the best position so that they could make the biggest difference.

Bad North Mobile Review
There are a lot of maps that you can explore

The campaigns are pretty forgiving at first, with slow waves, clear island layouts… however, as the game progress, the difficulties of the map would spike wildly and randomly, with either one new type of enemy or one extra wave so that it could catch you with your pant down. Failure in this game is pretty much a domino effect in which your whole campaign could be derailed by a bad decision.

The Jotunn Edition of the game would include the July expansion, which adds new traits, items, enemy types, checkpoints and a lot more. The game would be available for free until Nov 28, with Rayman Legends taking its place afterward. Interested in more news about video games? Please check out this post for more information about the Final Cut version of This War Of Mine.