There are a lot of games that portray the harshness of the battlefields during World War II, but it's very rare to find a game to reimagine wars as funny and colorful as Total Tank Simulator. The developer Noobz from Poland is the one behind this special game, and the famous publisher 505 Games will take the responsibility to deliver the game to the public.

With the name of the indie developer, you probably understand why it's a game about tank now. In Total Tank Simulator, you will not only have to take the role of the high commander, giving orders to your army but also dive in the role of the front line tank driver to demolish the enemies' base as well. The history of World War II is waiting for you to rewrite!

To celebrate this event, 505 games does not only give us a free demo to try on Steam, but also released a new teaser to showcase some of its key gameplay features. You can see that teaser below:

A brief preview on Total Tank Simulator

Total Tank Simulator takes the historical settings of World War II, where you can take over the role of the highest commander of 6 factions: the United States, England, Germany, France, Poland, and Russia. Your main task in this game (in campaign mode, to be specific) is to lead your side to the final victory of the war of the century.

Total Tank Simulator Announced Free Demo 1
Choose your side and lead them to the final victory

In detail, you'll have to carefully plan and set up important facilities like barracks, bunkers, airports or factories before each battle. They'll either work as structures to protect your territory, giving certain advantages to your army and also the target that your foes will aim at. So, to protect them and destroy others' bases, you must also develop and place tactical military forces with soldiers, weapons and machinery.

Total Tank Simulator Announced Free Demo 2
Choose where to put your troops and what they'll do before the battle

And then after finishing planning your troops and constructions, it's time to trigger the war. From that moment, you can jump into the perspective of any unit you want freely to experience the real danger of standing between the gunfires. The game features many kinds of soldiers - from the foot gunner to the sniper, from the tank driver to plane bomber. Whoever you want to control - just do it.

Total Tank Simulator Announced Free Demo 4
Take control of any unit you want to experience the battles through your own eyes

However, it's called Total Tank Simulator for a reason, and this reason is the realistic physics-based tank interaction. Tanks are very destructive, as it can release rains of fire toward enemies' troops, drop high-damage cannon onto their facilities, and ramp over their frontlines. It's not that close to the real-life tanks, but interesting enough for a simulation game.


Other key features

Even though Total Tank Simulator is indeed a simulator, it leans more on the strategic side. To be more specific, there are a lot of approaches you can choose with certain scenarios, as the environments in this game are destructible. For example, you can command your soldier and tanks to open a sneaky path toward enemies' base by chopping down trees or burn them to ashes.

Total Tank Simulator Announced Free Demo 3
Make a brand new path through the woods

The only thing that's not destroyable in this game is the solid rock (at least soldiers need the last place to take cover). Adding more fun to the tactical battles, the developer Noobz from Poland packs over 50 unique maps that change based on four seasons. Together with over 200 types of units, you can freely create your own solution toward each battle.

Send snipers to the roof of a building or send tanks to siege down enemies' based - it depends totally on your playstyle. If things go wrong, you can still take control over a soldier and try to fix it by your own hand.

Total Tank Simulator Announced Free Demo 5
The battlefields in this game are very detailed

Last but not least, Total Tank Simulator features several game modes for everyone to enjoy. You can rewrite the outcome of World War II via Campaign mode, or put your planning prowess to the test with the Sandbox Mode and create your most ridiculous army force ever. There is also a Shadow mode as well, in which you'll have to fight against your worst enemies - your own troops that you used to win the previous battle.

Total Tank Simulator Announced Free Demo 8
Face yourself in the Shadow Mode

Release date

Total Tank Simulator doesn't have a specific release date yet, but the publisher 505 Games has announced that it will come out for PC soon in 2020.