Over the past decade, Foursaken Media has been responsible for some of the most ambitious titles on the mobile platform. Its products often combine several game genres to result in something unique. That was also the case with War Tortoise, which was originally announced all the way back in 2016. The idea was that this would be a static third-person shooter with you controlling a huge tortoise to fend off waves of enemies.

War Tortoise B460_wm
War Tortoise was a static shooter game where you control a tortoise to fend off enemies

But somehow Foursaken decided that mashing up that core premise with idle clicking gameplay would be a good idea. And believe it or not, it was. Yes, on paper, it sounded weird, but in practice, the game was actually ingenious. The progression system was what you’d see from an idle title, but rather than simply clicking or doing some other minor tasks, you’d gain progression by blowing bad guys into oblivion. The entire thing turned out to be a blast, and since its release, War Tortoise has attracted 4 million downloads.

War Tortoise Idle 6b8d_wm
The game also has some idle clicker elements

Now here comes the good news: Foursaken has announced that a sequel to the game, titled War Tortoise 2, is in the works and will be coming early next year.

So of course, the first question people tend to ask is, what’s new about this sequel? Well, the biggest change is that you can now actually move. Foursaken wants to retain the essence of the first game, so the majority of the action will still happen while you’re staying in one place. However, if you want, you can move to other locations on the map.

Each location will offer certain bonuses, so you’ll have to think of which ones to capture depending on what you need. Also, you can put up permanent structures such as roads and outposts at these locations to form a connected map. Other than that, a skill tree as well as randomized gear have been added.

According to the developer, War Tortoise 2 is expected to launch early next year. No launch date has been confirmed yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as there is more information. Stay tuned!