With the next generation of console coming very soon, there is little doubt that God of War, one of Sony’s flagship title, is going to make the leap to next-gen. Along with big names like Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man, God of War 2 has been one of the most discussed amongst fans of the console – as those names alone could pretty much sell the PS5 by themselves. In this article, we would list out some of the more popular theories about what would happen next in God of War 2, and Thor’s role in the story.

God of War 4 ends with a teaser about the arrival of Fimbulwinter, the extremely harsh winter that occurs prior to the end of the Norse world, Ragnarok. The last scene shows one of the most iconic Norse God, Thor, approaching Kratos’s house. There are plenty of directions that the story could follow at this point, however, the more interesting direction could be Thor going to take vengeance on Kratos and his son for the killing of his favorite son, Magni, and his half-brother, Baldur.

The guy has been killing a lot of gods

Kratos’ background is pretty tragic – the guy was tricked by his patron god, Ares, into murdering his wife and daughter. Afterward, Kratos went on a roaring rampage, taking revenge on the gods and pretty much murder the whole pantheon. The man finally found his own redemption at the end of the third game. It is very likely that Thor would be the next game's antagonist, who is going to hunt Kratos and Atreus to also prevent the end of the world, as Atreus is actually Loki, the one who's going to be Ragnarok's catalyst.

The version of Thor in God of War 4 is incredibly cruel, ruthless, and wrathful, showing no mercy to both his enemies and underlings. According to Mimir, Thor’s bloodlust is the only thing greater than Odin’s paranoia, and many consider him to be the worst of the Aesir gods. The guy is somewhat similar to Ares in the original God of War. Thor vs Kratos fight would definitely remind people of the original game - and this might be Kratos' final stand as well, as Kratos' death is foreshadowed heavily in God of War 4.

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