It’s undoubtedly that – God of War is a cracking game. The title draws so many people in as well as keeps them around because of the complex father/son relationship. Moreover, it’s also about the emotional in-game narrative that it brings upon.

God Of War
God of War - an action/adventure video game by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The much-demanded DLC

Unfortunately, for fans of the game who don’t want to stop their adventure, it is disappointing to know that there won’t be any DLC soon. Cory Barlog, the director of God of War once mentioned during an interview about “a really fun idea” he has for a DLC. However, he later evaluated that idea to be “too ambitious” for a standalone chapter. Whenever we hear about God of War, we might have an idea about what is it about. However, what if the game is called “Dark Odyssey” or “At the Hands of the Gods”?

Imagine something else instead of God of War

You might be wondering why are we bringing this up. Well, in reality, both of those names could be the official name of the game, according to Cory Barlog and David Jaffe. On Twitter, Cory posted some studio notes showing that he initially told Steven Spielberg to change the title of Back to the Future to Space Man from Pluto!

God of War
The note suggesting the title "Space Man From Pluto"

David Jaffe quickly hopped into the tweet and shared that God of War initially had two other competing titles of “At the Hands of the Gods” and “Dark Odyssey” as well. Since they had no idea which one to choose, they put all three in a hat and randomly drew out one. As we all know now, God of War turned out to be an outstanding title.

Cory also joked that the title of his dream was actually “Angry Man from War Nation of Sparta”. We all know that Kratos is literally a guy with a bull’ temperament from “the Nation of Sparta”, but let’s just agree that God of War is a much better title, shall we?

God of War is now available exclusively on PS4. Get it on Amazon to experience the game yourself right now.