A digital English version of the artbook found in God Wars: The Complete Legend of Japanese is coming to steam on the same day.

The release date of the Steam version of God Wars is announced to be on June 14 this year. The release was also published in details by the Kadokawa Games.

Everyone will have chances to buy many DLC bundles. The first DLC is a Starters Pack with various helpful items, evaluated at 6.99$ exactly. The second one is a heap of valuable equips, for 3$ only.

God Wars The Complete Legend The Pc Version Is Com
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The digital, totally translated artbook, named the God Wars Official Artbook is the final and the most compelling DLC released. It will be accessible for 17.99$. However, a game and artbook all at 30% off group will be accessible too. Another pack with the games, the DLC, in addition to the artbook, totally 30% off will be sold as well.

The artbook depends on the one found in God Wars: The Complete Legend's Japanese Limited Edition. People actually could buy it since June 18, 2018, available for PS4 and Switch. It consists of different illustrations and remarks from the staff of the game, most outstandingly Director and scenarist Yoshimi Yasuda.

God Wars: The Complete Legend
The God Wars Official Artbook will be available next month also

The Steam adaptation has numerous menu ergonomic changes alongside adjustments identified with the console + mouse support. We've wrapped of them in the latest article. The menu alterations will be added through a fix to the PS4, Vita and Switch forms on June 14 as well.

I'm truly anticipating this new Steam version as I myself didn’t have a chance to try out God Wars yet. As a result, I’m really down for more strategic RPGs. A God Wars 2 should come soon as well so now is an extraordinary time to get into it. What's more, God Wars has a speed-up function. Hence, it is something more time-consuming games gotta have.