A lot of people have been looking forward to seeing Godfall, due to its nature of being the PS5’s first announced title. Its performance would be crucial for the PS5’s initial launch. However, since Godfall’s reveal during The Game Awards in December, there hasn’t been any new information outside of the reveal trailer. Because of that, the best people have to go on about the game is its definition of “Looter Slasher”.

While the excitement for the title has been dwindled down over the course of the past month, people are still going to appreciate whatever little they can get. Because of that, a Reddit post has leaked a video of the first few sequences of gameplay in Godfall, on the PS5. This is actually something much needed, as the reveal trailer only show pre-rendered footages.

According to the leaker, this short is from an unreleased trailer of the game. The leak only lasts for about 6 seconds, but from that, we can already guess more or less the game’s approach to the combat system. There would be various abilities like ranged magic attack, dash, and parry. From the sound effects, attacks would have actual weight and be pretty satisfying.

Godfall Ps5 Playstation 5 Original

Furthermore, the looks of the game might have been further optimized since the date of the footage, as the combat was from an older build back in 2019. From what we got here, the game would be somewhat similar to God of War and Darksiders - hack and slash with limited RPG elements.

Godfall is set for a release during the holiday season of 2020, for PS5 and PC. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for everything related to last year's The Game Awards event, along with all the games revealed during it.