Craft your own story in an exotic world where magic reigns in GreedFall.

Greedfall 01
Experience the story where you play the part of a pack leader in a world filled with magic

GreedFall publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Spiders Games announced that the game will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in September.

The announcement comes with the story trailer of the game in E3 2019. The trailer can be found on Youtube, or here.

GreedFall’s E3 Story Trailer

In the trailer, we can see the context where GreedFall takes place is in the Middle Age. Crusaders, mercenaries board large ships on their journey to a mysterious island. There lie large monsters, demi-human, mysterious creatures, and magic-shrouded entities. The protagonist supposedly “left on a mission to heal his people” - as speculated by his apparent mother.

The trailer went from dialogues between people to fast-paced action scenes. The protagonist is among the predators who seemingly “do not understand the consequences” and got into the conflict with local inhabitants. There are lines which indicate that the creatures here are trying to protect their homeland soil, together with their nature, the spirit.

Greedfall 02
The game features stunning graphics

In the game, the world will progress according to your actions, from little reactions with people to making large-scale political decisions. The trailer is pretty intense and action-like, but in the actual gameplay, you can choose which path to take, should it be a more peaceful one, using diplomacy or just being really sneaky and clever to get what you want.

Your gameplay can progress depending on the success of quests in multiple paths you choose. It is like a decision game coupled with action plays in a thrilling game where you can explore countless possibilities in many paths. Should you choose to become the cruel devil to take things by force, you have to do it well and make sure your head is not decimated until you reach your target. If you opt for a more peaceful way of dealing with people, you have to show your sincerity to convince people.

Greedfall 03
Would you become a kind-hearted leader or a brutal one?

The game promises an interesting storyline and decent graphics. Should you intend to give it a try, add it to your wishlist on Steam so you will get notified when it comes out on September.