Green Hell, just as the name implies, players are dropped into the Amazon rainforest with no memory of how they got there. The only and most important task in this game is to survive the jungle. Don't let the magnificent beauty of nature fool you. Only the one with the most courage, toughness, and dare to use the most primitive of means can escape.

Fight against hostile animals

Green Hell is an Open World Survival Simulator which demand players to survive alone in the jungle with nothing but their bare hands. In order to do so, players will have to learn how to build shelters, create tools and weapons to hunt for food and protect themselves from hostile creatures. The only thing you have is a radio with the voice of your lover in the endless jungle.

There are different kinds of terrain

However, wild animals aren't the only threat, you will also have to deal with tropical diseases along with the fears and the loneliness that is slowly taking over your mind. The psychological aspects of survival in dire conditions are heavily emphasized in this game as players are forced to fight their worst enemy, themselves.

Green Hell04
The game features amazing scenery

In such a deadly environment, both of your physical and mental health need to be in check. That is why the game gives players a body inspection mode to diagnose themselves and heal or even remove parasites from their body. There will be two parameters for players to keep track of their physical condition and psychological condition.

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You need to take care of your wound quickly before it gets worse

The Amazon rainforest setting is perfect with diverse environments and animal species. The in-game scenery is breathtaking and dynamic due to the weather. The game introduces 3 difficulty levels, A Walk in the Park, Welcome to the Jungle, Green Hell, and an upcoming perma-death difficulty.

Green Hell is developed and published by Creepy Jar. The game will be launching into 1.0 on Steam on Sept 5, 2019, for PC. You can check out Green Hell trailer below.