The 46th mission of Grand Thief Auto 5 – Deep Inside – is always considered to be one of the funniest mission of the game because there are many plot branches in this mission. Sure, you can easily complete GTA 5 Deep Inside, even with Gold Medal. But in order to fully experience all the branches in the plot of this mission, you will have to play it at least three or four times. However, to save your time, we will walk you through all those branches in this article, and it is right below.

Walkthrough of GTA 5 Deep Inside

GTA V Deep Inside is GTA 5 mission 46, and it starts with Franklin arrives at the Backlot City film studio (when you get to this studio, all your wanted stars will be removed at once). When you get to the studio, there will be a phone call from Molly to inform you about the target of this robbery - famous car JB 700 for the upcoming movie of the studio. Molly will tell Franklin that the only ways to access the studio are to disguise as a stunt actor of Brandon Roberts (the star of the film), or by other “more extreme” method.

gta 5 inside
The JB 700 car of GTA 5 Deep Inside

You can just simply climb into the studio through the locked door right next to you at that location, or you can choose other more secret entrances. If you manage to get inside without alarming the security, you will be given instructions to find Brandon Roberts. When you find Brandon Roberts, you can knock him out with a stealth attack, then draw him away to steal his clothes.

gta 5 inside
Stealthily knocking out the actor

If you trigger the security, all the cast of the film will run away and leave the situation for the security to handle. At this point, you can still knock out Brandon Roberts and kill him silently, but you should keep him alive to get the gold medal objective. And remember to steal the clothes of Brandon Roberts, unless you want to warn the guards before you can reach the car, and that means you will miss other gold medal objectives.

gta 5 inside
Dragging him away

gta 5 inside
Stealing his clothes

If you reach the film set with the clothes of Brandon Roberts, no one will know that you are here to rob the car, unless you have been inside the car and start to run away. And there will be an actress inside the car as well. If by any means, you trigger the guards before entering the car, there will be no one inside the car, which mean you miss another gold medal objective of Deep Inside GTA 5.

gta 5 inside
The JB 700 with the actress inside

If you have not killed Brandon Roberts, when you drive off with the actress on the JB 700, this actor will show up again in underwear, and the actress will have some comments about that appearance of Brandon Roberts. Remember to run over Brandon to hear the scream of the actress. About the actress, you can drag her out of the car, stop the car to let her go free, or kill her. You can simply shoot her, or press the ejector button of the car to eject her out of the JB 700 (this is a gold medal of Deep Inside GTA V).

gta 5 inside
Running over Brandon is probably one of the best things in GTA 5 Deep Inside

But no matter what you do, do not keep her in the car for too long. At first, she will annoyingly yell and try to take control of the car, but then if you let her stay inside the car for too long, she and Franklin will ignite a deep conversation about the life of each character, which even includes the story about mom and dad of Franklin. You can enjoy the conversation, but then never take her to the final location, or else you will fail this mission.

gta 5 inside
Shooting the actress out is another best thing in GTA 5 Deep Inside

gta 5 inside
Bye bye the annoying actress

Once you got the car, the security guard will be chasing behind you. Escape from them by using the spike strips of the car. If you keep the actress inside the car and manage to kill all the guard, the actress will comment about the uselessness of the guards. But if you let the actress go freely, she will complain that the paparazzi can never show up when they are truly needed.

Gold Medal Objectives of GTA V Deep Inside

  • Not a Scratch: take the JB 700 to the final location with minimal damage. You can take damage from the gunfire of the guard, but do not damage the car on your own.
  • Fastest Speed: reach top speed in the JB 700.
  • Stealthy Recasting: knock out Brandon Roberts stealthily.
  • Second Strike: run over Brandon Roberts with the stolen.
  • Premature Ejector: use the ejector seat to shoot the actress out within 10 seconds when you have seen the instruction.