Friend Request Mission is GTA 5 Mission 8, and also the first mission that the main protagonist Michael De Santa receives from his old friend Lester Crest. While completing the mission in GTA V is not very challenging, getting 100% Gold Medal in this mission is nearly impossible without the complete guide.

Therefore, here are the instructions on how to get the Gold Medal for GTA 5 Mission 8 - Friend Request. You can watch the video below to see the real footage first, and then read the in-depth details on the mission later:

The background story behind Friend Request GTA 5

GTA V Friend Request mission starts as Michael has to do something to pay the $2,500,000 debt for Martin Madrazo. Previously, he has pulled down the house of Martin's mistress, so he'll have to pay for that. Consequently, he finds his old friend - Lester Crest, and he gives Michael the mission of invading Lifeinvader - the tech corporation with Jay Norris as the founder.

Michael mission is to sneak in the office of Life invader GTA 5, planting the explosion device onto the latest prototype phone of Lifeinvader. But before that, Michael will have to disguise himself with more "youthful" clothes at SubUrban to matches the concepts of the office.

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 8
Michael De Santa is one of the three protagonists in GTA V

However, Michael struggles to enter the building until an employee gets out to smoke some cigarette. He thought Michael is a tech support and grants him entrance to Lifeinvader. The GTA 5 Friend Request mission continues as the employee askes Michael to turn off adult-contents pop-ups on his computer and install an anti-virus for him.

After that, Michael sneaks his way to the prototype and plants the explosive device, and it's done. The last part of the job is very simple, as Michael come back home and watch the introducing speech of Norris of the new prototype phone on TV. As soon as Norris shows off his phone, Michael called the number, making Norris answers, and ka-boom. The crowd flees in absolute terror, and the TV show ends up with an abrupted emergency case.

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 2
Jay Norris' head gets exploded

The failure in the events has made Lester gained huge benefits from the stock market, so it's time to pay back. Lester sends Michael a message with a link to the stock market so that Michael can freely check at his free time.

That's how GTA 5 Friends Request mission ends.

All the objectives of GTA V Friends Request mission

From what I've summarized above, you might know how to complete GTA V Friend Request mission (also known as GTA V Lifeinvader Mission). But if you want clear objectives list, here's it for you:

- Drive to Suburban Store in Vinewood to change to "youthful clothes".

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 6
You can follow exactly this guide or try your own clothing

- Head to Lifeinvader headquarter

- Go to the back to the back entrance

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 5
You must go the back of the building to invade in Lifeinvader

- Walk slowly after the employee into the office

- Terminate all the pop-ups windows to see the antivirus shortcut

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 4
Do it as fast as possible to complete GTA 5 Mission 8

- Open the anti-virus

- Sneak into the prototype to plant the explosive

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 3
Plant the explosive to the prototype

- Get out of the building and come back to Michael home

- Watch the footage of Norris introducing his device through your TV.

- Wait for Jay Norris to pull out the phone and ring the number.

- Watch his head exploded.

That's all request to get the Friend Request mission done.

How to get Gold Medal in GTA 5 Mission 8 - Friend Request?

Completing GTA 5 Mission 8 is somewhat easy, but getting the Gold Medal is quite tricky. However, you can just follow the steps below and you're good to go!

- Time:  Complete the mission with less than 8.5 minutes. In order to do this, you must skip all the cutscenes and using the exit from the back to leave. Michael can't run in the building, so getting out of there as soon as possible will allow you to get to your car and come back home faster.

- Popups Termination: Close all popup windows with less than 32 seconds. If you're confident with your skills, then you can just move your mouse as rapid as possible to close those windows. But to make sure, you should trigger Michael's ability to slow down time before the cutscene appears, which allows you to finish it before the time runs out.

Gta 5 Mission 8 Friend Request Gold Medal Guide 1
100% Gold Medal achieved!

Be mindful that you won't be able to recognize Michael's skill being triggered, but the game will show you that you've cleared all the pop-ups ahead of time. Lastly, don't even try opening the antivirus software before closing all pop-ups. Just like our real life, it won't work!

That's all. Hopefully, you enjoy the game and have no difficulty completing GTA 5 Mission 8 after reading our guide!