Among Rockstar’s GTA Franchise, GTA 5 is no doubt the best game because of many reasons. Apart from the original version, the game also has many mods and cheat code which help players complete their mission easier. If you’re looking forward to the GTA 5 Tow Truck cheat code, here is all you need to know about how to spawn the Tow Truck in GTA 5 immediately.

Gta5 Tow Truck Cheat Code
Tow Truck is a special vehicle in GTA 5 that can help you to complete some missions in the game

GTA 5 Tow Truck Location

Being the world’s best open-world game, GTA 5 is famous for having a vast range of vehicles from cars, bikes, trucks and many others. Taking inspiration from the Yankee in GTA 4, the Tow Truck (or Towtruck) has significant cabin designs with flat lights and bumper. Its grille, however, has a different design in comparison to the original version.

Given the fact that the GTA 5 Tow Truck has a rusty look, it will be spawned in red or white shade only. Meanwhile, this vehicle uses the same wheels as other industrial vehicles like Mule and Phantom.

Finding the Tow Truck is not a tricky task. Here is the list of locations where the GTA 5 Tow Truck is likely to spawn.

  • In the Towing mission (when you play as Franklin), you will get a tow truck ready for the mission after purchasing the LSPD Auto Impound
  • A Tow truck is likely to be found at the Los Santos Customs garage nearby the Greenwich Parkway between Vespucci Beach and La Puerta
  • You can sometimes find the Tow Truck inside the barn on the left of Dignity Village on Mount Chiliad
  • There are chances that a tow truck will spawn next to the Zancudo River, on the highways, or at the side road at the end of Sandy Shores

In case you want to take a shortcut and get a Tow Truck immediately with GTA 5 Tow Truck cheat code, here is the answer to how to spawn a tow truck in GTA 5.

Towtruck Gtav Cheat Code
Although its performance is only average, it's an offbeat experience to roam a tow truck along the street

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GTA 5 Tow Truck Cheat Code

Being one of the most interesting features in GTA, cheat code allows players to cheat in the game without violating the game rules and regulations. GTA 5 has more than 100 cheats codes to help players spawn all kinds of vehicles easily.

However, GTA 5 Tow Truck Cheat Code is unavailable at the moment that players cannot use cheat code to spawn a tow truck in the middle of nowhere. The only way to get a Tow Truck in the game is to find it in mentioned locations.

In fact, the instruction to find the Tow Truck is very clear that it only takes you a while to find out the vehicle you need.

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How To Use GTA 5 Tow Truck Cheat Code

Just like other GTA 5 cheat codes, it’s so easy to apply a cheat code. All you need to do is to open the console by press the (~) key and enter the code. However, there are some key points you need to know when applying the cheat code and not to mess your game up.

  • When the cheat codes are enabled, the game can be saved but achievements won’t
  • Using a cheat code twice something leads to the code being disabled
  • Cheat codes are unavailable in some special locations of the game

About GTA 5

Being released in 2013 as the sequel to GTA IV 4, Rockstar's GTA 5 is considered the most successful game of the series. The game takes place in the imaginary state called San Andreas and revolves around the three gangster protagonists: Micheal, Trevor, and Phillips. Players are free to explore the San Andreas city to complete heists.

Hope that you have clear information about GTA 5 Tow Truck and GTA 5 Tow Truck Cheat Code. Stay tuned with for more interesting news about GTA and other popular games around the world. 

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