Apart from cars and trucks, GTA Online also offers a massive collection of bikes. Given the fact that bikes in video games have a higher speed in comparison to cars, these items are what speed lovers cannot miss. If you also have a passion for speed, check out the list of fastest bikes in GTA Online right below.

Hakuchou, one of the fastest bike in GTA 5

5. Hakuchou

Although Hakuchou Drag is said to be faster than its predecessor, it turns out that the natural speed of the original version of Hakuchou is invincible. With a maximum speed of 134 mph, it effortlessly outdoes the late version which is only 126.50 mph. In addition to that, Hakuchou comes at a competitive price of only $82,000.

Bati 801 And Bati 801rr
Bati 801 has a reasonable price but its performance is way greater than you can imagine

4. Bati 801 and Bati 801RR

Despite being one of the cheapest bikes in GTA Online, Bati 801RR can leave you stunned given the fact that it is one of the fastest vehicles you can find in the game. Thí bike can speed up to 135 mph and its price is shockingly cheap, only $15,000.

Another option is the Bati 801 module which shares the same price and performance as the former.

Bf 400
GTA 5 BF 400 has a cool design and its performance is way better than many other expensive bikes

3. BF 400

Being an off-road vehicle cannot stop the BF 400 from climbing onto the top 3 of the fastest bikes in GTA Online. While the game producer said its natural speed is only 90.10 mph (145 km/h), the actual speed measured on the Broughy method showed that it can go up to 137 mph (220.48 km/h). This item is also made available at an affordable price of $95,000.

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Oppressor Gtao Front
GTA 5 Oppressor, one of the cheapest bikes in the GTA franchise

2. Oppressor

Let alone the boosters, Oppressor’s natural speed is still better than its successor the Oppressor MKII. This item is also one of the most expensive bikes in the game as it can only be traded for at least $2,650,000. However, with a stargazing design and performance, this is still a worthy investment player should go with.

Deathbike is no doubt the fastest bike in GTA 5

1. Deathbike

When it comes to natural speed, no other bikes in GTA Online can defeat the Deathbike (Arena). This vehicle has an actual speed of 150 mph (241.40 km/h) which is far better than what is depicted in the game. Players can make a purchase with $1,269,000.

Above is the list of best and fastest bikes in GTA Online based on natural speed. What is your most favorite bike? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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