Despite not being one of the fastest vehicles in GTA 5, a tow truck is a worthy one that provides players a lot of utilities and exciting experience. However, finding the tow truck location in GTA 5 seems to be not an easy task for many players. Here are the tips and tricks to find the Tow Truck in GTA 5 that you will need to know.

Tow Truck Gta 5

How to Find Tow Truck in GTA 5

1. In Pulling Favors mission

The old and classic tow truck in GTA 5 is a fun vehicle that can add up more havoc to the game than any other vehicles. You will bump into one for the first time in the Pulling Favors mission in Story Mode. In this mission, you as the role of Franklin will do a favor for Tonya and her boyfriend by taking over his job for a day.

To make the best out of the toy truck ride, you should purchase the LSPD Auto Impound which will open up a lot of exciting side jobs.

Gta 5 Tow Truck Location

3. In Blitz Play Heist

You can also spot the truck in Blitz Play, the third main heist of GTA 5, in which your mission is to risk your life by stealing an armored truck. You will find yourself behind the wheel of a tow truck, making a serious crash into a van on the street to stop it.

4. Scouting the Port

This offbeat item also spawns in the GTA 5 Scouting the Port mission. After exiting the restricted zone, you can head to the garage in Floy property where a tow truck is being stored.

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Tow Truck in GTA 5 other locations

Apart from the mentioned heist and mission, the tow truck in GTA 5 is also available in some other locations like:

  • Next to the Interstate 5 (also known as La Puerta Freeway) in San Andreas
  • At the join of Vespucci Beach and La Puerta
  • At the back of the Los Santos International Airport
  • In the Los Santos Customs garage nearby Greenwich Parkway

Above are all of the common locations where you can spot out a tow truck in GTA 5. Visit our website for more interesting and helpful tips and tricks for GTA 5 and other popular games.

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