From main missions to side quests, from various game modes to races, GTA Online has many things for players to immerse themselves. Apart from daily missions with which players can complete to gain valuable prizes, GTA Online also conveys a lot of exclusive gifts hidden in secret treasure chests. If you want to find the treasure chest locations in GTA online, here is the ultimate guideline you need to know!

Gta Online Treasure Chest All Locations
Where are the treasure chest locations in GTA Online? Keep reading to find out the instruction to get your hands on the treasures!

Being one of the biggest updates to GTA Online, Cayo Perico Island is introduced to be the paradise for new heists who can afford a luxury submarine to visit the location. Apart from a lot of treasure chest scattering across the island, this private island also offers a lot of interesting and challenging missions to complete. Although you can not see the map of the island on GTA 5 map, it will be displayed once you enter the secret island.

Although the location is unreachable in the Freemode of GTA Online, the good news is players can reach this special location in the Scoping Missions.

Here is the details of all treasure chests locations on Cayo Perico Island in GTA Online and how much money you can expect from these caches:

  • The first treasure cage will be around the central pier of the island under the water
  • Another chest is somewhere among the crates at the landing strip.
  • Meanwhile, the locations of most treasure chests in GTA Online are varied among players. It means that these chests will be placed randomly but mostly around the shore of the island as below.
Gta Online Treasure Chest Location
Some of the most common locations where you can find the treasure chests on Cayo Perico island

By finding a treasure chest, you will receive GTA$ 15,000. In addition to that, Rockstar also has an extra bonus for players who can find more than 5 caches in the game.

Apart from finding treasure chests on Cayo Perico Island, there are several interesting locations for you to explore like the power station, the control tower, the supply truck, the basement, and many other spots.

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