Grand Theft Auto players now have more choices over which car game to play with a built-in mode in Grand Theft Auto Online that lets them access car soccer matches without going through Rocket League. Expect more mind-blowing moments in this car sports game as Arena War Update has brought Bomb Ball to increase the fun.

Rocket League is known as a pure car-based sports game without extreme violence. However, the "Rocket League" feature of GTA Online from Rockstar has brought some Mad Max’s elements to the game. Rockstar said that this time it decided to shake off all the restrictions on violence and add more adrenaline into the mix. What you need to do now is to shove all the items that can explode away from you and into the other half.

Rocket League has long been a success for its developers. The simple yet challenging car-based game has everything it needs to become a thing that players find difficult to forget.

The concept is easy enough. You control your car to knock a ball into a goal. What you can do includes speeding up using boosts, turn, and jumping into the air. Players can easily grasp everything in less than 1 minute.

However, if you think this is an easy game for kids, you should recalibrate your expectation. The goal is not just hitting the ball with your car; you need to angle the car so that you benefit your own team.

Rocket League Octane2
You can jump into the air to hit the ball

Since its release, this game has gained its popularity quickly even without any buzz to stir potential players’ curiosity. This game has no feature that can overcomplicate the design or distract you from the ultimate goal.

The thing most players feel refreshing the most about this game is that to get better at it, the only way for you is to practice. All the scores and points are for cosmetics only.