Back in June with the reveal of Google's cloud gaming platform - Stadia, we've announced you about the first game to become exclusive to this platform. Its name is Gylt - a beautiful horror game about fearing and defeating the shapes of your nightmare.

However, at that time, we only have some information about its story and gameplay, and no specific release date was given by the developer Tequila Work. But now, as Stadia will launch on November 19, Gylt will follow to star on the service as well!

In order to celebrate this announcement, the developer has dropped a new trailer of the game - showing the eerie atmosphere that the protagonist has to overcome to find her cousin. We invite you to watch this trailer with us below (I can't stand horror alone):

The story of Gylt

Tequila Works has always been famous for their storytelling specialty, especially through the non-verbal masterpiece RiME. And now, the developer is back, adapting with the new gaming mechanics from Google to deliver another ambitious title - Gylt.

Gylt Launch Trailer Stadia Exclusive 2
Gylt is the next game from Tequila Works

Gylt is a hauntingly beautiful story of Sally - a young woman on her journey to find her lost cousin - Emily. The story takes the settings of a sorrowful town, in which the worst nightmares are wandering in every shape and form of dangerous creatures. Sally is only a mundane human, and she can't stand a chance of getting caught by those nightmares.

Gylt Launch Trailer Stadia Exclusive 4
Sally is on her journey to find her lost cousin - Emily

Fortunately, she has the power of light by her side with her flashlights and fire extinguisher - which she can use to get rid of the monsters. However, there are plentiful of nightmares in this town, and those things are definitely not enough.

Hence, Sally will have to stay away from their sight while finding clues on where her cousin went. Besides the horror elements, Gylt also wants to convey the meaningful message: always ready to face the emotions that you're owning, and overcome your worst nightmares.

Gylt Launch Trailer Stadia Exclusive 1
Can she face her worst fears in this town

Gameplay features

Basically, Gylt is a third-person horror game, in which you'll step into the shoes of the main protagonist Sally to explore this melancholic town. At first looks through two trailers of the game, Gylt has some vibes of Silent Hill and Alan Wake, both in gameplay and in the overall atmosphere.

Gylt Launch Trailer Stadia Exclusive 3
Gylt has some vibes of Alan Wake and Silent Hill

To be more specific, you'll control Sally avoiding the nightmarish creatures scattering around the town. Your objective is to find your lost cousin Emily, and in order to do that, you'll have to gain certain clues on the disappearance of her, and figure out where she is now.

The game mainly features atmospheric RPG experiences with stealth mechanics and a slight touch of puzzle-solving. Hiding behind the environment, you'll then find a good chance when the dangerous creatures are not watching to sneak behind them and get to your place. But if they caught you, you can still use your flashlights and fire extinguisher to get rid of them temporarily.

Gylt Launch Trailer Stadia Exclusive 5
Sally can use her flashlight to blow her nightmare out

The visuals of this game are haunting yet very beautiful that looks like a Pixar movie. However, don't let its aesthetic looks fool you since this game was rated for Teen from ESRB. This means it contains several violent factors and engrossing images. But that's very necessary for a horror game, so I don't give any hoot!

Release date and supported platforms

Gylt will launch for Google Stadia on November 19 - right the same day the platform comes out to the public.

It will stay exclusive with this platform for a while and then reaches other platforms eventually. This information was confirmed by Raúl Rubio Munárriz - the co-founder of Tequilla Works, and he also affirmed that everyone will be able to play Gylt at a time.

Gylt New Horror Game Stadia Exclusive 1
Gylt will come out for other platforms at a later date

Are you looking forward to Google Stadia?