Fan made creations for Half-Life can approach a level of quality that rivals even that of the game creators themselves, like Half-Life: Black Mesa. And lucky for us, modders are working to bring Half-Life 2 to Half-Life: Alyx, the latest major Half-Life and VR title from Valve.

Half-Life: Alyx Half-Life 2
Half-Life: Alyx is already getting Gordon Freeman to experience his friend's universe through mods

The modders have already showcased their progress in letting you experience Gordon Freeman's adventure in Half-Life: Alyx, although from the looks of it, there is a lot of progress left until something as meticulously made as Black Mesa can come out. And if you feel left out over the fact that Alyx is in VR, the game will most likely be made keyboard and mouse compatible by the time complete mods come out.

Half-Life 2 mods for Half-Life: Alyx

A modder that is called Vect0R recently released a neat video showing part of City 17 that was in the original Half-Life 2 in Alyx. It is very much still unfinished, but there is some nice combat gameplay with a Half-Life 2 background you can check out:

"Things I was able to do was very limited since Valve didn't share SDK with the public yet. I started this project around 24 March and planned this since around January. You can pretty much say, this is the first Half-Life: Alyx mod," explained Vect0R.

Another project looking to bring the world of Half-Life 2 to Alyx is Half-Life: Quarantine, which is very appropriately named. The project is about "porting elements of Half-Life 2 into Half-Life: Alyx", and also claims to be the first mod for Half-Life: Alyx, strangely enough. Check out some of their progress here:

The Quarantine team explained that "this is just an initial pass of porting HL2 assets to source 2. We are going to go back and update lighting, textures and map geo to be more in-line with HLA's quality".

As both of these ongoing attempts haven't been out yet, I think it's fair to reserve the title of "first mod" to one that's actually released. And here's a reminder that Black Mesa took like 10 years to be fully complete, so it's not yet the moment to get hyped.

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