The new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is sending a lot of people home either because of lockdown, self-isolation, quarantine, etc. As a result, gaming activities have spiked a lot recently with record number of players logging onto Steam and others. And the great news is, there are lots of free games out there that can keep you inside without going stir crazy.

steam free games
Digital platforms are offering free games to go with your free time

If you are someone who found themselves with a lot of extra time and just wanted to pass the time, or a dedicated gamer who can now try out more games, then the digital gaming platforms like Steam, Epic , and GOG are offering a whole bunch of free games that can all do the trick.


Valve is having the Steam Game Festival that features would-be games at the now-postponed GDC. A lot of games are now on sale, and free demos are available for titles like SuperliminalFilament, and HyperParasite. The Steam Game Festival ends on March 23, in the mean time, check out the full list of games.

steam free games
Tomb Raider 2013 is currently free of charge

As for the free games, 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, Goat of DutyAssassin’s Creed Odyssey are completely free to play for a limited time, as well as Football Manager 2020.


The GOG digital platform is offering a combo of older games like Beneath a Steel SkyShadow Warrior, and Ultima 4, as well as newer ones like Gwent and Builders of Egypt that are completely free.

gog gwent
Your favorite Witcher card game is also free

See this full list of 27 free games to find your favorites.

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store usually has two free games each week for you to try out, and this time you get to play Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable for free until March 26.

A smaller platform like has a number of indie games that are available for a pretty affordable price, some even completely free. You can play games like Where the Water Tastes Like WineNo Response, and The Restless at zero costs. ganes
A growing indie gaming digital platform like has some free games too

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