Reminiscence of a great game

Fans of Half-Life original can expect more development in their favorite title remake version - Black Mesa.

Half Life Remake 04
The remake product of Half-Life will be complete soon

Black Mesa is a remake version of the first Half-Life game. Unlike the half-hearted remake by Valve - Half-Life: Source, Black Mesa is a dedicated remake with great effort and contribution. Half-Life was one of the most well-known FPS game by Valve and came out in 1998. The game was a major breakthrough in the video game industry at that time.

Half Life Remake 02
Half-Life: Source is not what fans expect from Valve

Years later, a remake version of the game was developed by fans in an attempt to relive the legendary game. Black Mesa is the name of it. The game was first intended as a free modification for Half-Life 2 in 2012. Later in 2015, the game received a standalone commercial release with Early Access on Steam, with a scheduled full release on 2019.

What is exclusive in this remake?

The 2012 version ended on Earth, unlike in the original where everything concluded on the alien planet Xen. Black Mesa is not a finished product. The Black Mesa team has been working on the project. They are trying to craft a Xen version of their own with a campaign of 19 maps in total.

Half Life Remake 05
Black Mesa will deliver their own version of Xen

Till now, Black Mesa team has released the first parts of the full campaign. This is intended as a beta version to collect bugs and feedback from players.

Aim to deliver a greater experience

The developers – Crowbar Collective has made significant enhancement and changes to the Source engine. They want to polish their game, making sure it is well worth the money for fans.

Black Mesa: Xen is created with the help of contemporary graphics building technique which greatly exceed expectations from fans

The Black Mesa team also indicates that those who want to get up-to-date details of the game should go for the beta test. Those who want to experience the best out of the game should take their time until the game is complete.

Black Mesa is currently on sale on Steam with a 60% off. Though the game is still in early access, you can go for the technical beta with just a few steps as specified by the developer's direction.