Halloween is only ten more nights from arriving. Thus, I bring this spooky gift from Kitty Horrorshow. This game is a collection full of latest short experimental games bundled together. Its name is Haunted Cities Volume 3. The game has everything that you will ask for, from the scariest flickering I have ever seen to spinning your car out at night, and even candle lightings.

This collection puts together a series of four games which were just released to Kitty Horrorshow’s supporters on Patreon previously. With this collection, she has made it possible for all people to play the games for free. The very first game is Castle Wormclot, during which you will be a candle keeper and explore, light candles up while musing about the snakes’ nature.

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You will be a candle keeper in the first game

The second one is Seven Days. This game happens in a city that was decimated by flooding and storms. You will explore an untouched house, reading the musings of its occupants about the day-to-day life that was left behind in the crumbling infrastructure.

The third game, Ghost Lake make quite a good use of her inclination to worlds in low-res. Sickly factories suddenly loom in the front, dead trees suddenly flicker through side windows. All of this will make the Halloween a fine treat. Downloading this game will give you instructions on places you can go off the map’s edge with some wiggling.

The developer is great with low-res

Lastly, there is Basements. This game I cannot give too much information as it is simply too creepy for me. Its unholy noise along with flickering combo made believe that there would definitely be some jump scares. However, I cannot confirm if that is imaginations or if it is true.

The developer, Kitty Horrorshow, is no stranger to creating creepy and surreal things. She had made the glitchy, shadowy Anatomy, which I did not play due to my preference for sleeping at night. There are also the earlier volumes of this series. So, there are a lot of games for you this Halloween.

You can get the game on itch.io.