If you are a hardcore fan for mobile games, you must have at least once heard of The Game Bakers. For those who don’t know, this is a game studio that works independently. The company based in Montpellier, France is known for creating mobile games which include Squids as well as Combo Crew. However, recently the company has shifted its focus to developing console and PC games, with Furi.

It has not been very long since The Game Bakers launched Furi. Furi is a kind of boss rush and shoot’em up game, packed with a bit of character action as well as bullet hell along with an awesome soundtrack. Many guessed that the game’s developer would play it safe and maintain developing games in the same genre, but instead of that, The Game Bakers surprised everyone with their new and distinct game title, Haven.

Take the first look of the game through the teaser trailer down below:

To add more description to Haven, The Game Bakers shares that this game is an Adventure Role Playing Game whose main theme is everyday love, rebellion against the laws as well as food. In Haven, you will get the chance to become two lovers who ran away and escaped to a lost planet. To them, The one and the only thing that matters is being together.

Help the couple fight against giant bosses

The game’s developer - The Game Bakers - reveals that it has been approximately two years ever since they started developing Haven. Also, the game studio promises that soon there will be more details of the game introduced. However one of many screenshots we have does show that the game has a battle system that is similar to a Role Playing Game. The game also has a lot of different command options. With the art as well as the soundtrack, Haven seems to be something worth looking forward to its release on PC and unspecified consoles in 2020.