Red Dead Redemption 2 is not going to appear on PC and this piece of news has made Steam fans unease. The title happens to be the only option for those who want to ride horses and brandish six-shooters and there is not a single title offering a similar thing.

To ease this situation, developers from Codehatch put their hope on Heat, a video game that takes the Western world as the main theme.

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The first look at Heat on Steam

From what we make out from the footages, everything seems fine. The lighting is ok and so does the functions. However, the characters might look blocky for some. The trailer seems to be made for Sims fans. For example, just look at the sheer number of babies in diapers in the cabin.

The appearance might not be an accurate representation of the real game, however. The people behind this game is known for promising the world to fans but when they actually launch the game, what players have is just a small fraction of what they expect.

Heat is Codehatch’s third titles, after Starforge and Reign of Kings, which are both, well, disaster. So there are a few reasons why fans should put their trust in them this time.

Codehatch went public in 2013 and their very first title was Starforge. The game was partly funded by a quite successful campaign on IndieGoGo with an investment of roughly $135,000. This game promised an infinite world that allows players to build, to craft, and to make parties with other players.

Starforge was highly regarded by other developers and its name appeared on the list of excellent titles in 2013.

Players at that time hoped for the stories and the adventures to the worlds that co-founder William Sworin talked about before the game was launched.

Fast forward to 2014, Starforge was finally on Steam. The first version was a total disappointment for fans. It was full of bugs and several features made players feel like they were done in a rush. Soon after that, rumor began to circle about the team had lost its key members and the studio had no money left.

Many years after that, Starforge was drowned in negative reviews. Supporters even set up a petition to get their money back. In 2017, the game was no longer on Steam.

The game’s developers then moved on to another project title called Reign of Kings, which bears a striking resemblance to Starforge. This was another flop as the game also seemed like it was unfinished.

Reign of Kings did have much of a better performance on Steam than its predecessor. Skimming through the reviews and you will see that in the last 30 days, only 49% of reviewers have something they find satisfied with this second title from Codehatch. The majority of them said that there was no sign of further development.

There is a review on Steam that seems to include all the things players can ever say about this game. The reviewer said that this game was a total waste of money and time. There were so many features were left unfinished that players could not even begin to list.

Another one wondered how Codehatch could reuse the same content over again without bothering to finish any of the two. This review was quite recent, posted on the 7th of January this year.

After the two titles have stirred quite of a lot of frustration, Codehatch announced another game called Heat.

Heat is created entirely for players of Red Dead Online. However, according to what was written on its Steam site, Heat seems like another version of the previous two games from Codehatch. Even the selling point of this third game, the ability to become the president of the USA, reminds players of the system found in Reign of Kings.

Several attempts to contact Codehatch have been made in the last few weeks but none of them bears fruit. The heat was supposed to be launched in December last year but it was rescheduled to the end of this month.

This is the third try for Codehatch and not much has been revealed until now. All will become clear when we have the chance to play it when it is available on Steam this month.