AsunderKnight, a leaker, recently revealed numerous new Illuminate models in the Helldivers 2 files, including additional Squi'ith models, outposts, enigmatic crystals of Illuminate origin, staff weaponry, and an intriguing teleporter.

The functionality of the Illuminate teleporter in Helldivers 2 remains ambiguous at this point. However, speculation suggests it might serve as a spawn point for the Illuminate faction, like how players typically crash land in rocket pods, albeit with more sophistication.

When Will The Illuminate Hit Helldivers 2?

Arrowhead Studios has yet to provide details on when the Illuminate faction will make its return. In the eyes of Super Earth, the official stance is that the Illuminate was eradicated entirely. Nonetheless, suggesting the possibility of their survival is considered treasonous, leading to speculation being suppressed. Confirmation of their resurgence will likely only come when they pose a direct threat, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing Second Galactic War.

Illuminate Teleporter In Helldivers 2
The functionality of the Illuminate teleporter in Helldivers 2 remains ambiguous at this point.

Indeed, the increasing number of Illuminate files being data-mined implies that Arrowhead Studios is intensifying their efforts in developing this returning faction. We'll probably see them rejoin the conflict soon, especially given the escalating tensions of the Second Galactic War. This war is purportedly surpassing those of the initial conflict, making it appear as though the first war was merely a preparatory exercise.

Fans have been anticipating potential connections between the black hole swallowing Meridia and the reintroduction of the Illuminate faction in Helldivers 2

One theory proposes that the black hole created a wormhole through which the Squi'ith could return to the galaxy. Another signifies that Super Earth obtaining such destructive technology might compel the Illuminate to intervene, shifting them from mere observers to active participants in the ongoing conflict. Regardless of the specific scenario, it appears increasingly likely that the Illuminate's reappearance is imminent.

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