Prior to the holiday weekend, the Helldivers 2 Twitter account officially issued a Major Order to its player. The players were tasked with freeing Varylia 5 from the Automatons in that particular mission.

Merely a few days afterward, the player base achieved success, earning themselves a formidable new mech suit. Officially known as the dual-Autocannon EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit, it lives up to its name in both size and power. Featuring dual cannons flanking each side of the Exosuit, the deployment video highlights its distinctive yellow color scheme.

The players' attainment of the reward wasn't guaranteed. Firstly, a significant portion of the player base was occupied with the holiday weekend. Secondly, previous Major Orders had ended unsuccessfully, leaving room for doubt about the outcome of this one. Nonetheless, liberation has ultimately been accomplished.

Opinions Vary Among Helldivers 2 Players Regarding the Exosuit's Utility

Currently, not all Helldivers 2 players are persuaded of the mech suit's effectiveness. Despite only being deployed for a few hours, there are already notable critics within the community. However, there are also those who are enthusiastically endorsing its capabilities.

Helldivers 2 Varylia
Not all Helldivers 2 players are persuaded of the mech suit's effectiveness.

Certain player segments have capitalized on their complementary nature and unrestricted usage to swiftly dispatch adversaries.

"I've been bringing multiple mechs every mission and chaining them back to back, calling in my limited use mechs when the free mech is on cooldown," a user shared on the official Helldivers subreddit.

Other users have highlighted its diminished durability, particularly its impact during gameplay at more advanced levels.

"I've tried the mech. I'd rather any strategem that isn't 10 minutes, 2 charges. Coming from an only 9's player," one of the users claimed.

Finally, some users have adopted a middle-ground stance, acknowledging the enjoyment factor while also acknowledging the limitations.

"It’s fun but this mech is weak. No reason why a turret auto cannon is better at killing bile titans than a AC Mech," " u/elitericky wrote.

As with the introduction of any new feature, there will always be critics and those who express grievances. This particular thread on the subreddit provides a comprehensive overview of the various viewpoints.

Considering the tumultuous events that have recently unfolded in Helldivers 2, including the PSN debacle, the absence of in-game PSAs, and the purported cancellation of the "Review Bomb" cape, perhaps a bit of lightheartedness is exactly what the community needs. After all, gaming is ultimately about having fun, especially in times of adversity.

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