Helldivers 2, the most popular co-op shooter game from Arrowhead Game Studios has been removed from Steam. Getting gamers’ negative reactions, Sony made a U-turn by canceling the PSN account linking requirement. Check it out here.

Helldivers 2 Removed From Steam

The trending co-op shooter game Helldivers 2 has been delisted from Steam in over 170 countries during the controversy over Sony’s requirements for PSN account linking. After that announcement, this shooter game was delisted from this gaming platform in over 170 nations and territories in the world.

Specifically, Sony, in the previous announcement, informed players that they would be required to link their game account with a  PlayStation Network no matter where they play this game. It makes Helldivers 2 drop to a ‘Mostly negative’ score on this game store. Moreover, the limited PSN access in lots of regions prevents players from logging into the battlefield.

Helldivers 2 Is Delisted From Steam
Helldivers 2 Is Delisted From Steam.

Even the CEO of Arrowhead Games, Johan Pilestedt, answered the questions from fans of this game on Twitter that he didn’t know what they could do with that issue. That Sony chose to delist this game on Steam in various regions has been a hot topic in gaming communities for days until today’s update. Check the reason below. 

Updates On PSN Account Linking Requirement

Today’s update ought to have featured this requirement. In reacting to negative feedback from players, Sony made a U-turn today. According to the latest announcement of PlayStation, the plan was canceled, allowing players to continue to play Helldivers 2 without having to link their account to PSN. 

Sony Update Helldivers 2
Sony canceled the plan.

Sony also explained that the account connection requirement was for protecting players from toxic activities as well as keeping their game accounts safe. However, PSN is only available in 69 nations and regions now, which means that players in many other countries cannot access the game if that feature is added.

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