Figuring out the optimal loadout for your galactic warrior in Helldivers 2 may be a challenge initially, with the gradual introduction of new weapons and armor to experiment with. Just the wide range of Stratagems can make it challenging to decide what to bring, especially since you are limited to only four slots on missions.

Helldivers 2 Loadouts
Finding the best Helldivers 2 loadouts might be a challenging task.

If you're interested in simple designs that you can implement, we have access to all the Stratagems and know what's effective in combat. We hope that our top Helldivers 2 loadouts will inspire you with new ideas for navigating the game effectively.

All Rounder

Primary AR-23 Liberator
Secondary P-2 Peacemaker
Grenade G-12 High Explosive
Armour Perk Med Kit (stim inventory & second stim duration +2)
Stratagems Orbital 120MM HE Barrage, Machine Gun, Supply Pack, Eagle Strafing Run


Helldivers 2 Loadouts All Rounder
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: All Rounder

If you're not sure which enemy you'll face, this Helldivers 2 beginner loadout is perfect for you. You can shoot bugs from far away while aiming, stop a charging Stalker by shooting quickly, or shoot without aiming when you need to escape fast. The Liberator works great for all of these situations.

When you're not in the mood to think too hard about Stratagems, you might take on the role of the ammo mule. The Supply Pack in Helldivers 2 is always handy. Not only can you refill your entire set of weapons with just one button press, but you can also be a hero to your teammates when they're running low on ammo. The Supply Pack works especially well with one of the best weapons that use up a lot of ammo in the game (the standard machine gun) and the Med Kit armor perk, which can keep your health injections fully stocked at all times. Big damage and strong survivability make for a great combination in any situation.


Primary R-63 Diligence
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-16 Impact
Armour Perk Scout (Markers on the map trigger radar scans every two seconds. They also decrease the distance at which enemies can spot you by 30%.)
Stratagems Jump Pack, Gatling Sentry, Eagle Cluster Bomb, Anti-Material Rifle


Helldivers 2 Loadouts Pathfinder
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: Pathfinder

Finding the secondary goals in Helldivers 2 can be tough, so it's smart to bring along a scout who can wander off from the team a bit but still get out of trouble if needed. Wearing light armor, having the Scout perk, and using a Jump Pack will help you move quickly, spot objectives on the map, and quickly escape from any situation where you might get surrounded by enemies.

The R-63 Diligence and the Anti-Material Rifle are great for shooting faraway targets, while the P-19 Redeemer can save you in a tight spot. The Gatling Sentry is also good for luring enemies away, and the Eagle Cluster Bomb is handy to throw behind you as you run away to stop any chasing swarms. If you don't think you need all that, you could bring an Orbital Precision Strike instead. You can use the sentry to draw in a tough armored enemy, then call down the strike right on top of them to deal with them.

Bot Cruncher

Primary R-63 Diligence
Secondary P-2 Peacemaker
Grenade G-6 Frag
Armour Perk Extra Padding (boosts extra armor rating)
Stratagems Eagle Airstrike, Orbital EMS Strike, Gatling Sentry, Autocannon


Helldivers 2 Loadouts Bot Cruncher
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: Bot Cruncher

The Diligence is a strong rifle that shoots one bullet at a time and has a scope you can adjust. You can get it early on with warbonds. As a backup, the Peacemaker pistol is a great choice because it's easier to aim precisely when aiming for headshots.

When you need backup against Automatons, you need to think differently. Airstrikes are effective against bugs, but for armored walkers, try using an EMS strike to disable them instead. Since armored Automatons are common, you can rely on a support weapon like the Autocannon. It works best with two people for continuous firing, but even when operated alone, the Autocannon can easily destroy walkers and infantry with its high accuracy and fire rate. It's like having a mini tank on your shoulder.

Titan Killer

Primary AR-23P Liberator Penetrator
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-16 Impact
Armour Perk Fortified (reduces recoil by 30% when crouching or prone, and also provides a 50% increase in resistance to explosive damage.)
Stratagems Orbital Laser, Eagle Cluster Bomb, Spear, Orbital Railcannon Strike


Helldivers 2 Loadouts Titan Killer
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: Titan Killer

This setup needs you to be pretty high level to use its Stratagems, but you can adjust it if needed. Start by grabbing the AR-23P Liberator Penetrator for its ability to penetrate medium armor, and make sure to have the P-19 Redeemer for fast burst damage if you're surrounded. A good grenade choice to go with this is the G-13 Impact, which can instantly kill a Bile Spewer if you throw it at it.

The Orbital Laser and Orbital Railcannon Strike are both great for dealing damage to a single target. But if you don't have either, a well-placed Orbital Precision Strike can still take down a Charger or Bile Titan. The Eagle Cluster Bomb is also handy for wiping out large groups of enemies quickly, thanks to its four uses and fast cooldown. And then there's the Spear. Although its targeting isn't perfect right now, it has impressive range and homes in on targets, making it awesome for hitting moving armored enemies or ones that are far away. If you want something more versatile, you could try the Recoilless Rifle instead, since the Spear can only target big armored enemies.

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Nest Buster

Primary AR-23P Liberator Penetrator
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-12 High Explosive
Armour Perk Engineering Kit (reduces recoil when crouching or prone by 30% and offers 2 extra grenades)
Stratagems Grenade Launcher, Eagle Cluster Bomb, Supply Pack, Orbital Precision Strike


Helldivers 2 Loadouts Nest Buster
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: Nest Buster

If you're doing fast missions or want to quickly destroy bug nests and secondary objectives so you can focus on the main goals, this is the best Helldivers 2 loadout we suggest. The AR-23P Liberator Penetrator is a popular assault rifle among Helldivers players because it can penetrate medium armor, and the P-19 Redeemer is useful when you're in a tight spot. But the most crucial items in this setup are the Grenade Launcher and the Supply Pack.

Grenade Launchers can seal bug holes from far away with accurate shots, and they can also wipe out Spore Stacks or even Rogue Transmission towers from a distance, making your mission much faster. When it comes to airstrikes, the Eagle Cluster Bomb is still the best for clearing out large groups of enemies, while the Orbital Precision Strike is excellent for getting rid of single bug nests quickly without even getting close to them. If you want a more impressive version of this setup, think about swapping the Supply Pack for a Guard Dog to protect your back, or add the Eagle 500KG bomb for smashing those big nests.

Bug Masher

Primary SG-225 Breaker
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-12 High Explosive
Armour Perk Democracy Protects (grants a 50% chance to survive lethal damage)
Stratagems Recoilless Rifle, Anti-Personnel Minefield, Orbital Airburst Strike, Eagle Strafe Run


Helldivers 2 Loadouts Bug Masher
Helldivers 2: Loadouts Bug Masher

You can use this Helldivers 2 loadout for tougher missions against bugs. The Breaker shotgun stands out early on as one of the best primary weapons in Helldivers because of its high damage per second and surprisingly long range for a video game shotgun. It fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, and up close, it'll easily take out basic bugs chasing you. Its main downside is its small magazine, so you'll need to reload often. The Redeemer, with its high fire rate, is a great backup weapon when the Breaker runs out of ammo.

In terms of Stratagems, go for maximum explosive punch. We prefer the Orbital Airburst Strike for its wide area of effect against swarms, and we love the Eagle Strafe Run for a rapid barrage in a straight line. The Recoilless Rifle is one of the top early support weapons for taking out tough armored targets like Chargers, but it's most effective when used with a teammate to help with reloading.

Pyro Specialist

Primary SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-10 Incendiary
Armour Perk Engineering Kit
Stratagems Flamethrower, Shield Generator Pack, Eagle Napalm Airstrike, Incendiary Mines


Helldivers 2 Loadouts Pyro Specialist
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: Pyro Specialist

Fire is great at beating bugs, so you can try making this setup to have fun fighting big insects on jungle planets, or anywhere else where there are things to burn. Basically, this setup is all about putting lots of fire on one Helldiver. The SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary is a shotgun that sprays fire and burns enemies, and the G-10 Incendiary Grenades lets you burn specific spots. Plus, your Armor Perk gives you two extra grenades.

For your Stratagems, definitely go for the Flamethrower to burn everything around you. Also, consider the Eagle Napalm Strike and Incendiary Mines for extra fire coverage. Lastly, if you can unlock it, get the Shield Generator Pack to protect yourself from accidental burns, it'll happen a bunch.

Shock Trooper

Primary LAS-16 Sickle or SG-225 Breaker
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-16 Impact
Armour Perk Electrical Conduit (gives 95% resistance to arc damage)
Stratagems Arc Thrower, Orbital Laser, Tesla Tower, Shield Generator Pack
Helldivers 2 Loadouts Shock Trooper
Helldivers 2 Loadouts: Shock Trooper

The Arc Thrower in Helldivers 2 has always been controversial. It's a powerful weapon, but it can accidentally shock your teammates, which is a problem. However, the new Cutting Edge Warbond offers armor with the Electrical Conduit ability, reducing electrical damage by 95%. So, if everyone on your team wears this armor, getting zapped won't be lethal anymore. You can all use Arc Throwers without worrying about frying each other.

This resistance to electrical shocks opens up a perfect chance to use the Tesla Tower. And to reduce damage even more, bring a Shield Generator Pack. When you're not using the Arc Thrower, consider the new LAS-16 Sickle primary weapon. It's similar to the AR-23 Liberator but with infinite ammo. You just need to warm it up before firing. Alternatively, you can use the SG-225 Breaker to blast anything that gets too close quickly.

Helldivers 2 Best Loadout for Bugs

Primary SG-225 Breaker or SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-16 Impact
Armour Perk Democracy Protects
Stratagems Shield Generator Pack, Orbital Railcannon Strike, LAS-99 Quasar Cannon, Eagle Cluster Bomb
Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout For Bugs
Helldivers 2 Best Loadout for Bugs

The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon is now the go-to weapon for taking down armor in Helldivers 2, especially against bugs. This powerful laser gun needs a little charging before you can shoot, but its high damage and unlimited ammo make it worth it. Plus, you don't need to sacrifice a backpack slot for it. A headshot with this gun can kill a Charger, and a few shots can bring down a Bile Titan.

Even though the SG-225 Breaker's magazine size was reduced, it's still a powerful primary weapon. The SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary is also great for burning swarms. The P-19 Redeemer remains the top choice for getting out of tough situations with its blasting power. And don't forget the G-16 Impact, it can take out a Bile Spewer before it gets a chance to vomit on you, and it's effective against bug holes too.

Apart from swapping the Railgun for the Quasar Cannon, another change worth considering is replacing the Orbital Laser with the Orbital Railcannon Strike. Although the laser is versatile and great for clearing enemies and taking out single targets, the Railcannon has unlimited uses, making it more effective against the numerous Bile Titans encountered on the toughest difficulties.

Helldivers 2 Best Loadout for Bots

Primary SG-225 Breaker, SG-8S Slugger, or PLAS-1 Scorcher
Secondary P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-16 Impact
Armour Perk Democracy Protects
Stratagems Shield Generator Pack, Orbital Laser, Railgun or Autocannon, Eagle Airstrike
Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout For Bots
Helldivers 2 Best Loadout for Bots

It's a smart move to have at least one Quasar Cannon in your squad when facing bots, as it can take out dropships by targeting their engines. However, it's not necessarily the best choice for fighting most Automaton enemies. Depending on what you like, an unsafe mode Railgun or an Autocannon are better for dealing with Scout Striders, Devastators, Berserkers, and Hulks. We highly recommend the Railgun because it doesn't need a backpack slot and can one-shot a Hulk with a charged shot to its red visor.

Speaking of primary weapons, the SG-225 Breaker is still solid for any situation. But don't overlook the SG-8S Slugger and PLAS-1 Scorcher, which are both effective against bots. The Slugger offers high-precision damage, while the Scorcher has an explosive effect that can bypass bot shields. And of course, the P-19 Redeemer remains the top choice for a secondary weapon. Further, the G-16 Impact can take out groups of bots or even an Annihilator tank if you aim it right.

Having the Shield Generator Pack is essential when using the Railgun because it absorbs damage and prevents you from getting interrupted while charging shots. The Eagle Airstrike is ideal for situations where you need an explosion to take out an Automaton fabricator or installation. Similarly, the Orbital Laser is effective not only against enemies but also against medium and heavy outposts since it targets fabricators and bot structures directly, melting through them.

Having reviewed our curated collection of top Helldivers 2 loadouts by, customized for diverse scenarios and playstyles, we trust that you'll find them instrumental in conquering even the most formidable missions.

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