Even though Epic Games Store has been giving away a lot of daily free games recently, we decided only notifying you about the ones that are actually goods. And today, we're back with a quirky stealth action game - Hello Neighbor.

It's a stealth game about exploring the basement of your annoying neighbor, but once you see the hidden things down there, you won't be able to come back normally. Here is the trailer of the game from the publisher tiniBuildGames, which you can have a look:

Overview on Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a horror game, where most of the horrors come not solely in the atmosphere, but mainly from the chase of the wicked uncle. To be more specific, you'll experience the story of this game through the first-person perspective, where you'll sneak into the neighbor's house to scratch your curious itches of what he hides under his basement.

Hello Neighbor Epic Games Store 2
Sneak into your neighbor's house to discover the secret he is hiding

The story of this game will be told through several Acts, and each act will put you through certain parts of the houses. However, the ugly and scary uncle won't let you intrude his house that freely since he will chase you down and beat you down black and blue. The neighbor are controlled by an advanced AI that can learn from your movements and will change his actions to match the situation.

Hello Neighbor Epic Games Store 1
He might find a shortcut to catch you, so always look back!

You'll have to hide in corners, in wardrobe or every place you can find, and also make use of your time to collect items as well as information against the neighbor. On encounter, you might use those items to stun him, but that doesn't last long.

Hello Neighbor Epic Games Store 4
Hide and find a way to prevent the neighbor from catching up with you

Overall, Hello Neighbor is the saying that you don't want to say the most in this game! It's completely free-to-claim now on Epic Games Store, but it will only be available today, so you'll have to be quick. If you don't want to play it yet, you still have the option to add it to your library and download it whenever you want!

Hello Neighbor Epic Games Store 5
You can add it to your library, and it will stay there forever

Tomorrow's free game is rumored to be the cuteness-overload duo Yooka-Laylee, and you should keep an eye on that. Happy New Year!