Over its many years of existence, the development team of Dota 2 over at Valve has developed a huge library of heroes. Up to today, we have more than 115 characters, each all has their own skills, lore, and personality.

Originally, back in 2003 Dota was just a mod of Warcraft III but it has been growing non-stop. It has encountered many bounds and leaps along the way but eventually become the huge MOBA game of today. Left aside the huge drift between Dota 2fans and LOL fans which in turn create a separation in the community of MOBA players. Dota 2 still remains a popular title with a faithful and loyal fan base.

This is a fan base combines all dedicated fans who have been putting their efforts and time in the game. Moreover than that they even put themselves in the outfits of their favorite heroes through the art of cosplay. They really mastered this art because their outfits look absolutely amazing. Just come to the TI ( esport tournament of Dota 2) to meet some of these amazing fans.

In case you don't have the chance to visit this tournament, then here are some pictures of the best cosplays:

Queen of pain

Here Is Our Picks Of Best Dota 2 Characters Cospla

Queen of Pain or a more popular in-game name Akasha, an intelligence ranged hero who has the abilities to get close to her opponent and deal damage in a huge area.


Here Is Our Picks Of Best Dota 2 Characters Cospla

This is a hero of type ranged and intelligence. He is very hard to master. He has a total of 14 abilities in his stock. In that stock, we have reagent  Exort, Wex and Quas together with Invoke.

Phantom Assassin

Here Is Our Picks Of Best Dota 2 Characters Cospla

Phantom Assassin or more commonly known as Mortred. He is a fast melee hero usually used in the role of a hard carry.

Vengeful Spirit

Mxfs0u5 768x512

The Vengeful Spirit or usually refer to as Shendelzare, is a hero of fast ranged he has amazing abilities in kill hunts, disabling, ganking.