Heroland is the new JRPG title to join the line-up from XSeed Games in E3 2019. While the trends in E9 are mainly remastered games and sequels, Heroland stands out and it was nothing like the others.

You can watch the trailer here first to see how the game looks:

Heroland is a total new silly but clever story

Considering today's model of making further titles in franchises, it's very rare to see a game that tells the story of its own. That's why Heroland will be a unique game at this E3 that everyone should try.

In Heroland, you'll play in the role of a new hire tour guide - Lucky. Lucky is working at a theme park that allows people authentic experiences of RPG adventures with a price. And his job's to guide the tourist through the quests and gain as much as satisfaction from them as possible.

You've come to the right place in E3, my friends!

But Lucky doesn't always need to take hands in the fights. He only following them to make sure that his guests are happy with the experience so that he can get paid to feed his family.

Controlling a crew to fight in a fake dungeon to earn a living? How realistic is that!

Heroland features autobattler-like gameplay

As the developer has primed, the game will feature a unique experience from a dungeon crawler game. Lucky won't have to focus on grinding, leveling, looting or fighting bosses. He's only a tour guide, and a tour guide won't have to directly take part in the fights.

Most of the time, the tourists will act autonomously on there own, and you're only standing there, watching them fighting with monsters that were originally your coworkers. However, your guests are not always the one with plenty of experiences exploring a dungeon. As a result, some of them are too reckless and dummy to make precise choices.

The "HYPE!" one is that kind of person!

And that's where your role kicks in. When the battles are on the verge of failure, which is a big no-no, you'll join in and give the guests instructions to head to the final victory. That's only possible when the assistance gauge is full, and Lucky can guide the whole team with an all-attack command, or instruct single guest on what to do next.

The theme park has also carefully equipped the tourist with weapons and armors, giving them the most realistic dungeon experience. They can choose from a variety of classes, including tanks, mages, healers, etc.

There're many classes for the guests
There're many classes for the guests

When the guests made a fail decision, you have to provide them with potions so that they can continue the journey. Performing poorly in battle will drop their satisfaction level, and you won't get your money. After all, your priority is to make the tourists happy, so just lead them through the dungeon successful, and you're good to go!

Drink your potion, old man!
Drink your potion, old man!

Comes out soon for consoles

Based on the short impressions that the game has given at E3, it's still very early to assert that the game will be a hit its unique approach. But it's safe to say that the game will be very worth-trying, especially for ones that feel bored with all the sequels and remakes.

So stay tuned for further information, as XSeed Games will release Heroland for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this fall!

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