Hitman 3 is the best game released in 2021 to date, with high scores from all review pages and great player reviews on various platforms. In this article, we would cover everything a beginner needs to know to get into Hitman 3.


1 - Try Mission Stories

Usually, you need to find your own way to perform assassinations... with only a vague hint from the description of the challenges. This kind of thing is too hard for new players... and this is where the mission story system comes into play. It would guide you on some of the challenges and give you your first taste of Hitman 3's gameplay.

Hitman 3 Planning

Play the Map on either Casual or Professional to enable Mission Stories. These missions would be triggered when you approach an event on the map.

2 - Use "Instinct Vision" as much as possible

It would reveal the various useful objects and points of interest on the map, along with the location of your target. The most important detail, however, is that it displays the various enemies who can see through 47's disguise.

Hitman 3 Instinct Dubai 1920

3 - Pick up every object possible

It is important that you hoard everything you see on the map - each of them has a special function that would make your game easier. For example, Crowbars can be used to open doors, Wrenchs and Screwdrivers can be used to create traps for the target, rat poison can be put in food to lure your target into a bathroom... and more. Coins are the most useful distractions - they can make your enemies come over and pick it up.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Assassination Challenges Guide A

Throwing is probably the easiest thing to abuse - you don't need to manually choke all your enemies - just throw a blunt item at their head to take them out (just make sure no one is looking).

4 - Complete multiple challenges by Loading a Save

Hitman's gameplay revolving around killing your targets in different ways. With the game having multiple maps, it is very time consuming if you try to do each challenge in a playthrough. Just make the best save spot possible then come back to it.

Save 1280x720

5 - Just clear out the area around you if you are stuck

If you are having problems clearing a mission stealthily, it might be a good idea to just take down as many NPCs in the vicinity as possible. The AI won't actually react if everyone in the building is taken out in stealth - they would just continue their routine until encountering a body.

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