While mobile and console games are on the rise, PC, the original platform, is still the best. In this article, we are going to showcase the best and newest PC games that have been released this year. The list is based on Metacritic score, Steam score and Popularity of the game in general. With their potentials, any of the PC games in 2021 mentioned below can be the no 1 game at the end of the year.

1 - Hitman 3 (87% on Metacritic - not on Steam)

Hitman 3, the last game in the modern Hitman trilogy, was released this year as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store. The game once again sends 47 all over the world. However, this time, he has to go against the organization that he worked for in the past.

Hitman 3
Agent 47 in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is the only stealth entry on our list of must-play PC games 2021. Similar to the first two games in the trilogy, it kept the same formula, just on a different series of maps. Therefore, Hitman 3's system requirements are almost identical.

Players will step into the shoes of agent 47 and assassinate various targets while keeping themselves hidden using disguises. There are numerous approaches that can be taken to accomplish the goal. Players can use poison, sniping, accidents, or even explosives.

Assassinate targets
Assassinate targets while wearing disguises.

Furthermore, Hitman 3 players also get access to previous maps from Hitman 1 and 2, remastered to Hitman 3's standards. On Epic Games store, players can also play chapters of Hitman 1 and 2 for Free on Hitman 3. This is why this game is a formiddable candidate for the best free PC games 2021.

2 - Mass Effect Legendary Edition (92% positive on Steam)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is actually 3 games of the Mass Effect series bundled into one, re-released as a complete continuous experience with remastered graphics. Almost all the content of the first three games came back, including DLCs. Furthermore, there have been some technical and gameplay improvements to create a more seamless experience.

Mass effect
You get 3 games for the price of one.

Alongside the Halo franchise, Mass Effect is one of the biggest space opera shooters in gaming history. Players step into the shoes of Commander Shepard, humanity's hope against a hostile galaxy filled with world-ending threats.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Scaled
Mass Effect Legendary Edition improves both gameplay and graphics of the original.

Gameplay-wise, it is a "team based tactical shooter", with players controlling a squad of 4 to engage enemies with weapons and special abilities. Overall, this is the perfect game to get into the ME series if you haven't already.

3 - Resident Evil Village (95% positive on Steam)

Resident Evil Village or RE 8 dominated the internet when it was released earlier this year. Lady Dimitrescu, one of the main villains of the series, becoming an internet sensation overnight with her sexy appearance and outfit. Gameplay-wise, RE Village is no slouch - it took the formula established by 7 to the next level.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village is probably the best horror title in 2021.

It is almost like RE is no longer about zombies at this point. Similar to 7, in RE8 players step into the shoes of Ethan Winter and go against a village full of horrific creatures.

RE8 monster design is top tier.

The enemy designs are really creative. From werewolves, creepy dolls, machine-human monstrosities... to vampires and witches - it has just about everything.

4 - Scarlet Nexus (85% positive on Steam)

Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG game played from a third-person perspective. Players can assume control of either Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall, members of a special police force. Their task is to defend the city against hostile enemies known as the Others. Furthermore, the story is fairly dark, with twist-packed plot full of rival nations and nightmarish monsters.

Scarlet Nexus
Scarlet Nexus' dystopian world is very well designed.

Combat in Scarlet Nexus is designed really well. Players get a diverse array of abilities: from hack-and-slash combat with real-time party commands to bombastic psychokinetic attacks. Therefore, if you are a fan of fast paced hack and slash, Scarlet Nexus is not to be missed.

Scarlet Nexus
Throwing cars against enemies in Scarlet Nexus.

5 - Tales of Arise (91% positive on Steam)

Tales of Arise is yet another action RPG from Bandai Namco, similar to Scarlet Nexus. It is the newest installment of the JRPG Tales Series. The story follows a man and a woman from the opposing worlds of Dahna and Rena in their journey to end the Renans' oppression of the Dahnan people.

Tales of Arise.
Two main characters in Tales of Arise.

Gameplay wise, Tales of Arise uses a Linear Motion Battle System with a big focus on evading and countering attacks. Unlike many other titles in the series, Arise does not have a multiplayer feature. It instead focuses on the various interactions between characters in combat.

The highlight of that is the new "Boost Strike" feature that allows multiple party members to perform combination attacks. This is a classic RPG, one of the must-try PC games in 2021.

Fight against giant monsters
Fight against giant monsters as a party

6 - New World (Very popular on Steam - 800k players)

New World is probably the best PC game right now as it is on the route to be one of the biggest MMORPG released this decade. This title comes from the game division of Amazon, one of the biggest corporations in the world. New World sets in the mid-seventeenth century, with players colonizing a fictional land based on the Americas.

Amazon New World
Amazon's New World is going to rule the MMO category among all PC games in 2021.

The players may form groups of up to five members, join one of three factions (Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant). Afterward, they can perform various actions like use node resources, craft items, gain control over settlements, quest, explore the world, or fight other players or monsters to level up fast in New World.

The combat system is the biggest draw of this game, taking inspiration from the Dark Souls series. Players need to aim and time their attacks, dodges, weapon blocks, and more.

New World combat
New World combat is probably the most innovative part of the game.

Players have to craft most items in the game, with three categories of trade skills: Craft, Gather and Refine. Furthermore, there is also a huge array of skills associated with these aspects.

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