One of the most successful franchises in gaming history is Grand Theft Auto. It spans several titles and has several successful expansions. Usually, there is only a few years gap between titles, but it has been a decade since GTA V first came out, with no mention of a successor. This is partly due to Rockstar working on other titles, such as Red Dead Redemption 2. It is also due to GTA V being successful and played years later. How has it been so popular? It’s mainly due to the Online mode the game offers, but we will go over three reasons why the game is still played to day.

Solid Base Structure

As we touched upon, GTA V is popular largely through its online game mode, but the actual base game is worth mentioning. The single-player game had a gripping and in-depth story that allowed people to get attached to the characters. 

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The actual gameplay and the base mechanics within the game are a large reason why people love this game. It holds up even a decade later, as the main thing is being able to have fun with the base game.

Once they finished the base game, they were then able to play a wide range of mods on the game, which enhanced the experience and transformed it, much like playing a new game.

Fresh Content

One of the main reasons that GTA V has remained so popular over the years is the fresh content that still launches. 2013 saw the first batch of fresh content launch to the online service, adding new vehicles, weapons, game modes and the ability to create your own missions and races.

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Every year since has seen fresh content updates every few months, with some being more major than others. The Heists update was one of the main expansions that came to GTA V: Online. This allowed players to plan heists together online and rob banks and diamond stores.

This has been updated further, with the Diamond Casino Heist and the Cayo Perico Heist added recently. Not only was the heist added for the casino, but also the ability to actually gamble and play in the casino. This could be done alone or with friends. 

This was a very fun way to play, as it allowed gamers to play in online casinos much like they could in real life, such as with Jackpot Casino. You can play Jackpot Casino games online from the comfort of your sofa, thanks to the mobile-friendly interface.

Great Community

The GTA community as a whole is very inclusive. There are many different communities within the overarching community, including classic fans, GTA V Online fans, and roleplay fans. The GTA V roleplay community is growing thanks to streamers on Twitch. Twitch is an excellent tool for content creators, as it allows them to make money while engaging with their fans.

GTA roleplay streamers will play in a specific server, where they roleplay as characters in Los Santos, for the amusement of themselves and everyone watching. The world within the server they play on will have rules and regulations so that everyone plays in a fun way.

This community is growing to the point that more and more privately-run servers are being made available. This is one of the reasons why GTA V has remained so popular in recent years, as the community is attached to the game, and what they can do with this sandbox.