Achievements are a progression system in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. They are a list of activities that players must accomplish to 100% beat the game. Minecraft 1.19 came out with a set of 7 new achievements.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of new achievements in Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock and how to complete them.

1. Sneak 100

  • Sneak near a Sculk Sensor or Warden to prevent it from detecting you

Sneaking (or crouching) is a gameplay feature that prevents players from falling off of blocks and helps them hide from mobs, among other useful features. In Bedrock, there are three ways to trigger sneak:

  • Bedrock Edition with keyboard controls: Shift
  • Bedrock Edition with touch controls: Sneak button
  • Bedrock Edition with gamepad controls: Press Right Stick
Minecraft Deep Dark Warden
You should sneak while exploring the Deep Dark biomes.

To unlock the achievement, just activate sneak and walk within 3 blocks from a sculk sensor, or 5 blocks from a warden. It is best to perform this on a sculk sensor as they are not dangerous unlike the Warden.

2. Birthday Song

  • Have an Allay drop a Cake at a Note Block

This is a hidden advancement and can only be viewed by the player only after completion. Firstly, create a cake. They can be crafted using three milk buckets, 2 sugar, 1 egg and three wheat.

Afterward, acquire the Allay. They are small flying wisp-like passive mobs. Allays can be found surrounding pillager outposts and woodland mansions, confined inside dark oak cages and jail cells, respectively.

The last step is to create a note block - players only need 8 of any planks and one redstone dust.

Minecraft Allay Note Block
Allays are drawn toward note blocks.

It collects and delivers items for any player that gives it something, or any note block it hears repeatedly playing. Players need to find them, give them a cake then use a note block to make it drop the cake.

3. With Our Powers Combined!

  • Have all Froglights in your inventory 

Froglights are rare light blocks created when a frog eat a small magma cube. The color of froglight blocks is based on the frog used to spawn them.

Froglights in Minecraft has the highest light level in the game.

To complete this advancement, players need to get three buckets of tadpoles and use them to create frogs in temperate (plains, river, beach), cold (ice, deep dark) and warm (jungle, badland, desert) biomes. After getting all three frog colors, feed them magma cubes to spawn different froglight blocks.

4. Bukkit Bukkit

  • Catch a Tadpole in a Bucket

A tadpole is a passive baby version of the frog. Tadpoles do not spawn naturally - they hatch from frogspawns, which are created by breeding frogs.

Bucket Of Tadpole
Putting tadpole in a bucket is the easiest way to create different frog colors in Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock

They mature into one of the three frog variants, depending on the biome in which they mature.  Just feed two frogs a slimeball - one of them would become pregnant and lay eggs, similar to turtles. After tadpoles hatch, just use a bucket to collect them and unlock this achievement.

5. You've Got a Friend in Me

  • Have an Allay deliver items to you

Similar to Birthday Song, this is also a hidden advancement that can only be viewed upon completion. It is fairly easy to get this advancement - players only need to give the Allay an item and it would come back with more of that same item.

If the allay is given an amethyst shard while dancing it will duplicate into another allay.

To speed up the process, just get 2 of the same item, give the allay one and drop one to the ground.

6. When the Squad Hops into Town

  • Get each Frog variant on a Lead

After breeding three types of frogs for the froglights, players need to put them on leashes.

Mc 250142
Just put a leash on 3 different frog colors after you find them to unlock this advancement.

Unlike the name of the achievement might suggest, players can unlock it after getting each frog on a lead one at a time, not all at once.

7. It Spreads

  • Kill a mob near a Sculk Catalyst

This is a special block that can only be found in the new Deep Dark biome. Players need to either use a Silk Touch tool to harvest the block and bring it to the surface or bring a mob down to the Deep Dark. Only mobs that drop XP count for this advancement.

Players can also obtain a sculk catalyst by defeating the Warden. This is the only drop from the mob.

Just 1 sculk catalyst can spread fairly far, as they can create other sculk catalysts.

When triggered by a dead mob, the sculk catalyst spawns and spreads sculk in that specific area.

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