Villagers in Minecraft are important sources of items. Players can sell items to them for emerald and use that to buy items from them. Trading allows players to get various valuable items with little effort.

There are a lot of trades in Minecraft, and the most efficient ones are not that many. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best Villager trades in Minecraft 1.19 update.

1. Enchanted books

As Minecraft's levels do not matter much, getting gears and enchantments is the easiest way to become stronger in Minecraft.

Enchanted Book

While the Enchanting table can give some enchantments, they are pretty cumbersome. Most players just use an anvil and enchanted books instead. Therefore, the Librarian who sells enchanted books is the best trader in the whole game. Players can set up an entire room of librarians to get their gears up.

Other than enchanted books, they also sell lanterns, glass blocks, and name tags. Players can refresh the trade list of a villager by breaking their job site block and then placing it back again. Just repeat until you get the needed enchantment.

2. Enchanted diamond tools

Getting diamond tools fast is very important if players want to get the rarest blocks such as ancient debris and the like. Normally, they would have to find diamond ore and then smelt it to create tools.


However, they can trade to get diamond tools from a Toolsmith. It is a type of villager that can trade all kinds of items related to tools.

At master level, players can get a number of enchanted diamond tools from the toolsmith. This can save a lot of time, as the gears come out pre-enchanted.

3. Enchanted diamond armor

Getting enough diamonds to create a set of diamond armor can be an issue. Similar to tools, players can also get enchanted armor pieces from armorers in Minecraft. They are villagers that trade all kinds of armor-related items.

Enchanted Armor

They also need to be leveled to master, similar to the Toolsmith. With a master villager, players can stack full enchantments on their gears fairly easily.

4. Sticks

Fletcher is a villager who trades ranged weapons and related items like bows, crossbows, strings...


The best part about the fletchers, however, is what they buy from players. At the novice level, they already have the trade that takes some sticks for one emerald. Players can create as many sticks as they want early game by just combining two wood planks.

By emptying out this trade players would be able to get some Emerald to start early on. It would be disabled after a number of transaction is reached.

5. Rotten Flesh

A cleric villager in Minecraft can buy rotten flesh from players for emerald. They are useful villagers with the ability to trade all kinds of potion-related items with players.


Similar to fletcher, this trade gives players a good number of emerald early on, as rotten flesh is very easy to get from zombies.

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