Chains are metallic decorative blocks in Minecraft, added to the game as part of the 1.16 update. However, it hasn't had any uses until the 1.20 update finally debut. Besides serving as decorations, chains are also great in traps and farms since players can walk over them while mobs can't.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to make and use chains in Minecraft 1.20.

Chain In Minecraft 2
Chain in Minecraft

1. How to find chains in Minecraft

Natural Generation

Overall, players can easily gather chains while exploring the various structures in Minecraft. Players can find chains naturally spawning in Bastion Remnants, Ruined Portals, and Mineshafts. They mostly spawn as placed items in these structures.

Chains sometimes spawn in Bastion Remnants' chests as well. They can be mined using any pickaxe.


To make chains, players only need 2 iron nuggets and 1 iron ingot. Place one nugget on the middle slot of the top row, one ingot on the slot underneath that, then another nugget.

Iron Golem Farm

Creating enough chains require a decent amount of iron. It might be a good idea to acquire them using an iron golem farm:

Build a two-floor sleeping bunker with 10 beds on each and a stairway between them. Add at least one doorway to at least one bridge that rises up high enough to fit an iron golem underneath.

common farm design
A common farm design with 20 villagers, beds and spawn platforms.

Afterward, make 7-8 blocks of spawning area all around the bunker. (starting 1 block higher than the lowest floor of the bunker). Things are easy from here on - players only need to build a channel to guide the iron golems into a killing area, which requires a block of lava, a hopper, and a collection chest.

2. Best uses for chains in Minecraft 1.20

There are quite a few uses for chains in Minecraft. In the 1.20 update, players can use them as:

Hanging Sign

Hanging signs are a new variant of signs that can be crafted using chains and signs. You can place them anywhere, even on the side and bottom of a block. This gives players more options for decoration.

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Hanging signs in Minecraft 1.20

For the most part, hanging signs operate much like standard signs. Players can input text, including certain hypertext, onto the signs and display them. Everything that works with normal signs will also work on hanging signs.

To craft hanging signs, players just need to place 2 chains in the first and third slot of the first row, then fill the second and third row of the crafting table with stripped log or bamboo.

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Hanging signs can be customized based on the type of wood you use.

A stripped log or stripped stem is a variant obtained by using an axe on a log or a stem respectively.


While most blocks in Minecraft don’t require any type of support to stay in place, players often use chains to suspend them for aesthetics. Additionally, bells and lanterns naturally morph their top part to connect themselves better with chains, seamlessly as if they were part of the chain.


Players can place chains on any side of a block to use as a decorative item. Chains connect horizontally or vertically, but not across different orientations.

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