PUBG was one of the first battle royale games in the world and it has completely changed the gaming scene when it came out. However, since the game has a huge map with 100 players each map and realistic graphics, it demands a great amount of hardware to run it smoothly. If you are a hardcore PC gamer with an RTX 2080 and an i9 processor then that wouldn't be a problem.

 How To Play Pubg On Mac
PUBG is a great game but it requires a high-end PC in order to run

But not many people can meet that demand, especially people who are owning a Mac Book. In the requirement note of PUBG Mobile actually doesn't even have MacOS on it, making many Mac users wonder about how to play PUBG on Mac.

Mac laptop has always been really well known for their low specs with exorbitant prices. Also, Mac laptops were built with the aesthetic being the first priority so the thermal cooling systems of them are horrible, making those laptops even more fragile.

Image 3 How To Play Pubg On Mac
Mac is so bad for gaming purposes that it has become a meme among the community

It is so bad that playing games on Mac have become a meme among the gaming community. That being said, it doesn't mean that you are run of hope playing PUBG on your Mac. There are still several ways for you to play PUBG on Mac smoothly and even at max settings.

Here we will show you all the ways of how to play PUBG on Mac.

How To Play PUBG On Mac - Install Windows

On the off chance that you actually own a Mac Pro with enough hardware that is capable of playing PUBG, the solution will be quite easy. All you have to do to install Windows on your Mac. With Windows on your Mac, you can now buy and download PUBG from Steam and play like normal.

Note that, you won't be able to run any Mac application while using Windows OS and vice versa, you won't be able to run any Windows app on macOS. In order to switch between macOS and Windows, you to restart your computer and press Option (or Alt) ⌥ key during startup.

In order to install Windows on your Mac, you will need this Apple app called Boot Camp, and at least 64 GB free storage.

Now you need the ISO file, the installation Window file, which you can download here.

How to install Windows on Mac

  • Open Boot Camp Assistant, which you will find in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
 How To Play Pubg On Mac
Boot Camp will be in your Utilities folder
  • Choose the folder of your ISO file.
 How To Play Pubg On Mac
Choose the location of your Windows 10 ISO file
  •  Format the Windows (BOOTCAMP) partition. You need to split your drive into 2 parts to install Windows into one part.
How To Play Pubg On Mac
Split your hard drive into 2 part to install Windows 10
  • When Boot Camp Assistant finishes, your Mac restarts to the Windows installer.

How To Play Pubg On Mac

  • When installing Windows, just click Next and follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.
  • When the Windows installation complete, there will be a ”Welcome to the Boot Camp installer” window.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to install Boot Camp and Windows drivers.

After you have installed Windows 10, download Steam and find PUBG. You will need to pay $30 to buy the game and install it on your computer. After that, you can just play it normally.

How To Play PUBG On Mac - Stadia

Game streaming is no longer a strange thing anymore nowadays. There are many streaming services on the market right now that will give you the great gaming experience on any kind of computer and PUBG is not an exception. The best game streaming service at the moment is Google Stadia. GeForce now is also a good option for game streaming but it has removed PUBG from its supported game list recently.

How To Play Pubg On Mac
PUBG is free on Google Stadia if you use their subscription of $9.99/ month

Game streaming services like these use powerful PCs at a distance place to run the game and all your PC have to do is show the screen of that cloud PC and sends commands to control the game. Literally any PC can do this as long as you have a good Internet connection.

How To Play PUBG On Mac using Google Stadia

  • First, you need to sign up for a Stadia account, which is super easy to do using your Gmail.
  • You don't need to download any software at all apart from Google Chrome.
  • The price for the streaming service of Google Stadia is $9,99/ month.
  • After you sign in, just type PUBG on the search bar to find it and launch the game.

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