Season 7 of PUBG has arrived the main servers a few days ago with news updates and changes. The most notable update is the brand new Vikendi map with less snow but more secrets and a train. The new season also brings a new Survival Pass with new PUBG Season 7 missions.

Pubg Season 7
PUBG Season 7: Cold Front brings PUBG a new Vikendi along with many changes

Let's dive in now and see what PUBG has for players in this season.

1. New Vikendi map

Vikendi was the most beautiful map in PUBG with northern light during the night and white ice, snow during the day. However, the map was not a good competitive map so it needed to be revamped. The new Vikendi has less snow now and revolves more around the Dinoland rather than around the snow environment. Even the skins you get as PUBG Season 7 missions' rewards also use the Dinoland theme.

Dinoland story

Dinoland is a family park on Vikendi created by a billionaire called Carl Johann Lindh during the 1970s. The place should be one of the top attractions for families during vacations but it didn't because of all the mysterious accidents that happened in that place. Firstly, the mascot of Dinoland, Alex the T-Rex was brutally killed by the Dino train.

Pubg Season
Alex the T-Rex was cut in half by the Dino train in a suicide attempt

Then not long after that, the daughter of the billionaire, Camilla Lindh who was a professional equestrian, died when she fell from a horse. Finally, Lindh himself passed away because of a heart attack while he was in "perfect health", which resulted in the complete demise of the Dinoland.

Image 5 Pubg Season 7 Missions
The daughter of the billionaire, Camilla Lindh who was a professional equestrian, died when she fell from a horse

The only survivor in the Lindh family is the boy Alex, who somehow got involved in the death of all the accidents that happened here. He was the only witness who saw the death of Alex the T-Rex. He was riding on the horse along with his sister when she fell and died.

After the death of his father, he sold the Vikendi island immediately to an "Unknown" person when he grew up to replace his father's game with a new game that he much more prefer, the battle royale game. Check out our article PUBG Reveals The Tragedy Story At Dinoland On Vikendi And The Truth Is Terrifying for more detail.

Vikendi's secret bunker

At the end of the "Tragedy at Dinoland" video, we can see that Alex is watching the battle royale game on Vikendi in a bunker with a sofa and a small TV. This bunker actually exists on Vikendi under the ground. It is located in Cargo Depot. There are 3 entrances and they are disguised as red cargos. You can find the 3 entrances marked in the picture below.

 Pubg Season 7 secrect bunker
The locations of 3 entrances of the secret bunker on Vikendi

There isn't much loot here, just enough for one person. On the second floor of this bunker, you will find the room where Alex watched the battle royale on Vikendi with the TV and sofa.

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2. PUBG Season 7 Missions

PUBG Season 7 missions are divided into 4 categories: Community Missions, Season Missions, Progression Mission, Challenge Mission.

Community Missions

Same as the last few seasons, Season 7 introduces Community Missions for all players to complete and unlock videos, skin rewards. During matches, players will encounter event items such as Disc piece, Broken disc, Old DVD. Picking them up will add points to the Community Missions. Your personal contribution toward the community mission will turn into XP for your Survival Pass.

Season Missions

Season Missions of PUBG Season 7 missions have 3 tracks, which is planned to be released monthly on April, May June.

 Pubg Season 7 Missions
PUBG Season 7 mission Cold Front

Progression Mission

Progression missions will give you the most XP among all PUBG Season 7 missions. There is a total of 3 tracks and missions in each track will have increasing difficulty.

Challenge Mission

There are 16 Challenge Missions with ‘Survival’ Themed. You will get a skin every 4 missions completed.

3. PUBG Season 7 Missions' Rewards

Skins from the Survivor Pass this time will be matching with the horror story behind the park on Vikendi. PUBG Season 7 missions' rewards will include the Green T-Rex skin of Alex the T-Rex. But be careful when trying to jump on the train or you will end up like the guy in the story.

 Pubg Season 7 dino
You can dress like Alex the T-Rex but be careful when jumping on a running train
 Pubg Season 7 skin
Who wants to become a creepy rabbit with the new Level 3 Helmet
 Pubg Season 7 skin
This outfit is surely fit the horror story behind the Dinoland on Vikendi

Other than becoming a dinosaur, you can also become a creepy Teddy Bear or a maid Rabit with PUBG Season 7 missions' rewards.

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