Canted sight in PUBG Mobile is a long-awaited attachment in the latest update version 0.18.0. It has arrived in this game days ago and brought players further support. This new attachment also made some tiny changes in the gameplay of PUBG Mobile players. Let’s check out some information about this new item as well as tips to use this attachment effectively with

What Is Canted Sight In PUBG Mobile?

Canted sight PUBG Mobile is an added scope beside the primary scope. It acts as a holographic sight or a red dot. So, it lets PUBG Mobile players switch between long-range scope and a close-range scope quickly while aiming. As we know, canted sights PUBG mobile release date was on the release date of the update version 0.18.0, on May 7th, 2020. So, it’s yes to the question ‘is canted sight available in PUBG mobile’.

Pubg Mobile Canted Sight
The latest update version 0.18.0 brought players a new attachment: canted sight

You can attach this new sight equipment to a wide range of weapons, from short to long-range guns. With a PUBG Mobile canted sight, your gun must be more flexible. You can cover both long-range and close-range combat with a 4x or 6x scope with a canted sight.

Pubg Mobile Canted Sight Location
It's the second scope which you can quickly switch to use for close-range combat

For example, while you are sniping an enemy from a long distance, you spot another opponent running close to you. It would take time to switch to a close-range scope like the holographic sight or red dot even when you enable quick scope switch. So, the coming of a canted sight help solving this problem. After enabling the canted sight to use in the match, you can switch among long-range scopes and the canted sight.

How To Get Canted Sight PUBG Mobile?

This new attachment has come to PUBG Mobile since May 7th. Like other sights and scopes in PUBG Mobile, canted sight is available in all PUBG Mobile classic maps. It’s spawned on all four classic maps: Erangel 2.0, new Mad Miramar map, Sanhok, and Vikendi. You can easily find many canted sights inside houses and buildings across these maps.

The Canted Sight Works Pretty Similar To The Red D
The canted sight works pretty similar to the red dot and holographic sight in PUBG Mobile

However, canted sight in PUBG Mobile is not available in other game modes like Arcade and Arena. Because the system will give players a red dot or holographic sight to aim in these close-range combat in Arena. In Arena matches, there is no long-range scope spawned. So, players don’t need to switch between scopes and canted sight.

Pubg Mobile Canted Sight Switch Scope
You can switch between PUBG Mobile Canted Sight and the primary scope quickly with a canted sight button

Players also notice that there is no canted sight on the small maps of Sniper Training and Quick Match modes. Besides, the developers didn’t bring this attachment to Playlab Rage Gear in which you only use three weapons: rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and M249. In short, you can find a canted sight on for maps of the classic mode and Playlab Arctic maps. Moreover, you can practice playing with it in the Cheer Park Shooting Range and Training Room.

How To Activate Canted Sight In PUBG Mobile?

To activate this brand new attachment, you go to the Setting menu in PUBG Mobile. Then, in the Basic Setting, you will see a section of Canted Sight Button. Choose the option of ‘Tap to use scope’ to enable this canted sight.

Activate Canted Sight In Pubg Mobile
Go to Basic Setting and choose Tab To Use Scope to enable the canted sight and use it during the match.

When you find a canted sight during the match, you attach it to your weapon in the second scope slot. Then, there will be a button to open the canted sight. Tab on the button of scope and a canted sight to switch among them. You can place the canted sight button PUBG mobile near the scope button for a quick switch.

Change Color And Style Of Crosshair
The Game Lets You Change Color And Style Of Crosshair In Canted Sight Section In The Scope Setting.

Moreover, you can change the crosshair color and style in the Scope Setting menu. It lets you choose the best crosshair appearance to play.

How To Use Canted Sight PUBG Mobile?

To use canted sight in PUBG Mobile, you need to find it on the map and equip it. If you only attach the canted sight, it will be your primary sight. But when you attach another sight and scope like a red dot, holo, 2x to 6x, the canted sight become the second sight. Then, you need to tab on the canted sight button to open it when you aim.

If you play PUBG Mobile on PC, the default canted sight PUBG mobile emulator key is Alt + Right Mouse Click. If you don’t want to use this key, you can go to setting and change the key for this control.

You can attach canted sight in most guns in this game, from shotguns to assault rifles, SMGs, and Snipers. Here is the list of guns that you can attach the canted sight to.

  • Shotguns: DBS (only found in the airdrop) and S12K.
  • Submachine guns: Vector, UMP45, MP5K, and Bizon.
  • Assault Rifles: M416, AKM, Beryl M762, G36C, SCAR-L, QBZ, MK47 Mutant, and AUG (only found in the airdrop).
  • Semi-sniper guns: SKS, SLR, Mk14 (only found in airdrop), Mini14, and QBU.
  • Snipers: Kar98k, M24, and AWM (only found in the airdrop).
  • Light machine gun: M249 (only found in the airdrop).
Pubg Mobile Canted Sight Guns
You can attach a canted sight to many guns in PUBG Mobile

Those are things you need to know about canted sight in PUBG Mobile. This brand new sight brings more support and new playing style to players when playing this game. Now, you can aim and fire in both short and long-range combat with the support of this new attachment. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for players, let’s visit our website.