PUBG has just brought Vikendi back with a total brand new look and a brand new background story behinds it. Unlike the stories of Erangel and Miramar, which involve war and gang fight, the story of Vikendi is full of horror elements.

The first two trailers of Vikendi introduce Dinond - The Happiest Place Ever. But I am sure that no one can feel anything that is related to "happiness" from these two videos with the creepy monotone music and the mysterious bunker with an old TV. Now, PUBG has just revealed the whole story behind this tragic place and lined up everything perfectly.

You can watch the full video of the tragic story at Dinoland below.

Dinoland was founded by the billionaire Carl Johann Lindh during the 1970s. This "pre-history park of the future" attracted people from all over Europe to see the park. Unfortunately, an "accident" happened. The favorite mascot of Dinoland, Alex the T-Rex, was cut in half by the Dino train. The police report showed that the mascot stepped in front of the train to suicide and the boy Alex, son of the billionaire Lindh was the only witness.

Mysteries Unknown Tragedy At Dinoland Pubg 1 40 Sc
Alex killed the actor who played Alex the T-Rex out of his jealousy by letting the Dino train cut him in half

But the truth is not that simple as we can hear the voice of a man whispering the background saying: "I told him. He didn't listen. Stupid. I told him only I get to wear the suit for father". That is clearly the voice of the boy Alex, who is now grown up, as he called Lindh "father". In the Dinoland: The Happiest Place Ever video, we can clearly see that Mr. Lindh was annoyed by Alex the T-Rex as he ruined the commercial with awkward comments such as "they can ride my wonder wheel". It seems that the boy Alex noticed this and got jealous of Alex the T-Rex so he killed him.

Dinoland Pubg
Alex the T-Rex makes awkward jokes during the Dinoland commercial

After the accident, the company's business got hurt badly but that was not the only thing that went bad. The next year, Alex's sister, Camilla Lindh, a professional equestrian, died when she fell from a horse while riding with Alex. But it seemed like this is a real accident as Alex being angry with the way the news reporting his sister's death.

"No, no, don't talk about Cammie. You didn't know her. You didn't know her.", Alex groans in the background.

Mysteries Unknown Tragedy At Dinoland Pubg 2 49 Sc
Alex's sister died while riding a horse with him and the media indicated Alex has something to do with it

Finally, the billionaire Lindh died because of a heart attack while "he was in perfect health" and the island was abandoned. 20 years later, Alex sold the island to the "Unknown" buyer, who made it into the battleground we know. But more importantly, the video also suggests that it was Alex who killed his own father because he didn't want to play his game. Now Alex has found a new father with the bloody battle royale game that he likes much better.

Pubg Vikendi Story
The secret bunker under Vikendi was where Alex watched his battle royale show

The video also reveals the secret underground bonker under Vikendi was the place where Alex sit and enjoy the battle royale match above him. If you haven't aware of the secret bunker on Vikendi yet, check out our article PUBG: New Vikendi Has A Secret Underground Tunnel With Free Loot to find the location of it.