There are so many different effects in Minecraft that you must have encountered at least one or two. They can be applied to the players by monsters, mobs, potions, or special items. Besides the good effects like movement speed buff, you also have bad effects such as poison, frostbite, or burning.

No one wants their share of bad effects in the game. So, how do you remove effects in Minecraft to return to your normal status?

Remove Effects Minecraft
How can you remove these annoying effects?

How to remove effects in Minecraft Survival

In Survival mode (no cheats enabled), the only way to actively remove your status effects is to drink a bucket of milk. So, if you're planning to take on Wither Skeletons for Wither Skulls or Cave Spiders, bring a few buckets of milk. Players can obtain this fantastic ingredient by right-clicking a Cow with a Bucket.

Spoiler alert, you will need to collect Wither Skulls to summon the Wither. It's another boss to defeat after you kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. However, the Wither Skeletons have a very slim chance of dropping Wither Skulls. So get to grinding as soon as possible.

Additionally, reviving yourself with a Totem of Undying or exiting The End via its return portal also removes the current status effects from your character.

Lead Cows
These guys are more than just a source for steak and leather.

How to remove effects in Minecraft Creative (Cheats enabled)

When you have turned on your cheats, removing effects in Minecraft is a piece of cake. You don't even need any milk. Just open the game's chat bar and use commands to nullify any bad status effects on your character.

Bad Omen
All effects, including Bad Omen, can be removed.

In the latest 1.17 version of Minecraft, here are the commands to remove effects:

  • "/effect clear " will remove all status effects on the target player.
  • "/effect clear @a" will remove status from all players in the current Minecraft world.

For players on the Bedrock Edition, the commands are a little bit different. Here's how they go:

  • "/effect clear" removes status effects on the target player. If left blank, the player that executed the command will be the target of the command.
  • "/effect @a clear" will remove effects from all players currently connected to the Minecraft world, dead or alive.
How To Teleport In Minecraft With Command Blocks 1
You can pull out the command block if you want.

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