Since its release date of February 4th, the online battle royale FPS game Apex Legends has been a big hit and it hasn’t shown any sign of down heat so far. Although it’s a battle royale game, Respawn Entertainment – the developer of Apex Legends – did not include single-player mode in the game when they released it. The only playing mode available in the game now is squad mode (a team in Apex Legends consists of 3 players). That means if you do not have two other friends to play with you, the system will automatically set you up with two strangers to be a team.

Yes, it is some kind of a universal truth that you are more likely to win in any online games when you play with your teammates. This is still true in Apex Legends (that is why we strongly recommend you gather your own team to play Apex Legends). But in the circumstances that you play alone and the system matches you with 2 strangers? Don’t worry, because Respawn Entertainment has prepared you with tools to win with strangers. However, you and your teammates have to work together closely to win the match. Here are some tips for you to cooperate with unfamiliar teammates to win.

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Winning a match in Apex Legends is surely a satisfying feeling

Utilize the in-game ping system

Respawn Entertainment has included a wonderful ping system inside Apex Legends. Tapping the ping button once to target an area or items, while tapping the ping button twice to call out an enemy you’ve spotted.

This is a great way to communicate with your teammates, especially when you don’t have a mic to talk to your teammates. And even though you have a mic to talk, we still recommend you to use the ping system since the internet connection is always up and down, so sometimes your teammates cannot fully hear what you say. But no one can miss a series of pings from their teammates in the minimap. If you send you strange teammates a lot of valuable pings, the chances are that they will do the same for you.

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The ping system in Apex Legneds

Share the loots

You must have realized that Apex Legends is a team-oriented game by now, so gearing up yourself AND your teammates is an extremely crucial factor leading your team to success. For example, you are carrying two great guns, but your teammates are running around with a stupid gun, ping the location of great weapons you see for them.

Not just gun, this logic also applies to any other type of loots in the game: armor, helmets, healing items, and utility. You already got good inventory for yourself in the match? Then it is time for you to help your teammates in gearing them up. This is even a more important thing to do when you play with strangers. Such actions of kindness will make your team closer; therefore you will have a higher chance to be the last team standing in the match.

In the picture below, we highlight the loot location. The purple circles are for rank 1 loot locations. Green circles are for rank 2 loot locations. Grey circles are for rank 3 loot locations. Rank 1 is the best and rank 3 is the worst.

Apex Legends Loot Areas
Loot locations in Apex Legends

Don’t be toxic and selfish

No matter how good you are, having teammates to cover you is always better than no teammates at all (even though they are noob or newbies sometimes).

Yes, your teammates will make silly mistakes and die. This is something so common in any online games. But such moments are not the time for being toxic and complaining. If a teammate of yours is down, try your best to revive them up. Entering the final fight with 2 noob teammates is still better than jumping into the final fight on your own. And try to control your words while you play. Yes, there are frustrating moments when your teammates put you in a tough situation, or your teammates partly cause you to die. But toxic language in such circumstances will not make the situation better. Be calm and try to work things out. In the end, it’s just a game and your noob teammates might get a lot better if you take time with them and show them around. Who knows, he/she might be your favorite teammates in Apex Legends for many matches after

Reviving dead teammates by take their tags and go to a A Respawn Beacon - green dots in the map


There is a rule in life that it is the best you just focus on things you can control and don’t complain about things you can't control. That rule is also applied to Apex Legends. You cant choose your teammates, but you can choose what kind of teammate you are. If the system matches you with noob players, don’t be a pessimist. Yes, it will be a hard game, but everyone starts low. Trust me, the feeling of carrying someone to their first win is so satisfying that you might want to try.