In China, recently they have imposed a new digital lock for mobile version the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This is an online battle royale game, more well known under the name of PUBG Mobile. It was ported by the gaming giant Tencent to mobile from the original PUBG. The new digital lock was put into place so that players under 13 years old will need the consent of their guardians to play the game. The lock is effective in China as of right now.

Age restriction and more

In China New Pubg Mobile Ban For Kids Below 13 Yea
The ban for kids

A report from China's Tencent writes that Tencent is currently working on restricting younger players from playing its games in the China market.

This age restriction on PUBG mobile is an effort of Tencent to support the crackdown of the Chinese government. This crackdown aims at the young generation's gaming addiction.

On the other hand, Tencent the gaming giant is also applying many new technologies such as player ID checking and facial recognition. All of that is to obtain the identities and ages of players who play Honour of Kings.

In China New Pubg Mobile Ban For Kids Below 13 Yea
No PUBG mobile for kids under 13 in China

Moreover, not only that they are imposing limits on the playing time of the players, but they have also imposed rules and regulations for streaming content. They are currently banning subjects like gambling, pornography, violence, national politics on games and streaming content.

The Chinese government is very concerned about myopia that has occurred in many Chinese children. That is why they have set off a 9 months freeze on approval of video game that ended in December last year.

Helping the minors

Over the last few years, to support the policy of Beijing, Tencent has applied many systems and regulations in order to regulate and help minors play games in a healthier way. Those regulations include the decision back in 2017 which only allows minors to play only 1 hour of video game per day.

PUBG's addiction

PUBG Corporation is the one who developed the original PUBG and released it in 2017. It is an online multiplayer game which connects players globally and allows them to do the mission. The game is known for indulging its players in a long gaming session. The mobile version of the game shares that same characteristic.