Rishab Karanwal, popularly known by his YouTube channel RakaZone Gaming which has 251K subscribers. He started his channel in 2015 and now he has inspired budding entrepreneurs who often seek his advice on digital marketing and the gaming community. The gaming industry in India which is slowly gaining its ground, Raka has provided top-notch content on his channel by playing Grand Theft Auto V role-play as Mr. Marlega which keeps his subscribers entertained.

Rishab Karanwal

Indian Legacy Roleplay server Rakazone Gaming, Sikh Warrior, Carryminati, Cosmic YT and others have been playing GTA V on the Legacy Indian Roleplay server - and after watching their streams, people flock up to them and join. There are a total of ten servers available to connect in India, with 32 slots for each server. The Indian server gained popularity widely until Sikh Warrior and Rakazone Gaming were banned. Both streamers were frustrated over the high-handedness of players' role-playing as cops.

Rishab Karanwal 2

But as soon as Rishab Karanwal was banned, his audience went berserk and spammed live streams of other players. The live streamer is now playing with the Indian Role Play (IRP) server and did not approach the Indian Legacy Roleplay server team to revoke his ban. "It would be wrong for me to approach the managers to revoke my ban. It would be unfair on part of other players who have been banned earlier for quitting the game midway", Rishab Karanwal said at the end of his stream.

Rishab Karanwal 3

His character Mr. Marlega eventually ends up kidnapping a cop during the roleplay and is surrounded by cops. One of the officers is on his gunpoint and he asks the officers to vacate the area in a bid to escape from the police. But cops continue to swarm the area and amidst confusion, one of the officers ends up using a stun gun on Marlega which leads to his arrest.

Frustrated about the highhandedness of cops, Rishab Karanwal disconnects from the game and ends up being banned from the server.