On the 17th of October, 2013, a farcial adventure indie game called The Stanley Parable had been officially debuted on Steam store. This eccentric game has a quite unique achievement that is named “Go Outside”.  To get this achievement, players need to not play this game for a whole five years in one sequence. We had just officially crossed the exact five years mark on the 17th of October, 2018. So, I guess this means “achievement unlocked”?

However, there have been proofs of methods to cheat the achievements that are based on time. For instances, a player can get the “Commitment” achievement of this very same game by changing their computer’s clock. Why is it needed? Because that achievement requires the player to play through an entire Tuesday without ever pausing. It does indeed deserve the name “Commitment”.

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This is a quite clever game

Just like the case above, as the five years number is quite a challenging issue, there have been players using the same methods to cheat their way for “Go Outside”. After all, everything they need to do was just deceiving their computer to believe that five years have passed. Then, they got their achievement. This is the only reason that can explain the 7.4 percent of the player base having that achievement already long before the game’s 5 years anniversary.

However, that kind of cheating method is no longer needed from 17th of October, 2017. If you had bought the game on its very first official launch day, opened the game, fiddled around for a bit before throwing it into a corner never to be seen again. Then, firstly, they have lost out on a quite great game. As a consolation, though, they can be the very first players to get the legitimate achievement “Go Outside”.

You can throw in some great hours with this game

In case you forgot the very last day that you had played the game, opening it and accidentally reset the timer. Then, a good day for you.