PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PlayStation 4 was spotted on the website of the Korean rating board which may indicate an upcoming announcement about the future between those two.

Pubg Ps4 Release Update 0921

After nearly a year since Blue talked with Sony about a possible release of PUBG on PS4, Nibellion – a Twitter user has spotted the game appeared on the Korean rating board which may suggest that it is finally time for the game to come to PS4.

The exclusivity of PUBG’s Xbox has lasted for a while and this gives credence to the rumor that Bluehole also talked with Microsoft about extending the exclusivity to mid of 2018 or even longer.

Earlier this month, PUBG left Xbox One Game Preview and to mark that occasion, a limited edition of PUBG Xbox One Wireless controller was introduced and people can now pre-order the controller at the price of 70$. On October 30, it will be shipped to worldwide retailers at the price of 69.99$.

There are some significant milestones that have been passed by the game this year. These milestones include 400 million registered players (mobile included), 87 million daily users as well as 50 million copies sold.

Last month, the developers launched a campaign called "Fix PUBG" to make the game, as stated, “a better, more stable and fairer game”. As stated by Bluehole, this campaign will put is a majority of focus on fixing bugs, performance issues and also improvements in quality of life. There is no information relating to how long the campaign will last but the company ensures that the whole campaign will be transparent.

With the fact that PUBG is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch is the last major platform that still does not have PUBG. The global phenomenon and biggest rival of PUBG - Epic Games’ Fortnite has already been available on all major platforms so it is possible that we can play PUBG in the Nintendo Switch platform.