A recent issue of Shonen Jump has announced 4 more characters to be added to Jump Force, including Kakashi, Kaguya, Boruto, and Gaara. And from some screenshots from Bandai Namco, we learn that Boruto Uzumaki will also join the Roster. These pictures are the very first sneak peek of those characters. Here are the screenshots:

Jump Force Boruto

Jump Force Boruto 2

Jump Force Boruto 3

Jump Force Boruto 4

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is the successor of Naruto: Shippuden. This series features Naruto’s son, who is also an ideal choice for Jump Force. However, other characters like Gaara and Kakashi are worth waiting for too.

Boruto will appear in Jump Force with his anime design. Gaara and Kakashi are both familiar characters in the story and they are also popular among fans so their inclusion on Jump Force was not much of a surprise. Kakashi’s appearance bears a striking resemblance to how he looks in a few first volumes of Naruto, which might be pleasing piece news for those who have been with the series from its early days.

On the other hand, Kaguya might need some more description. She is Naruto’s last nemesis. Many may not know about Kaguya as they might give up on reading or watching long before she made her appearance in the series. She is Hagoromo and Hamura’s mother and used to be Otsutsuki clan’s matriarch. Long before the hidden village was set up, she was the first to be able to use chakra after she ate the God Tree’s fruit.

For a closer look into Jump Force and its bonuses, check out its trailers and wait for its open beta, which will be launched this weekend. The trailer down below will tell you what the game’s story is:

Jump Force will gather some anime and manga’s most well-known heroes and their nemesis. The game is planned to debut on the 15th of February. Plus, Jump Force has already been opened for pre-order on Amazon.